Togoparts recently underwent a major facelift.

Yes we did, and if you didn’t know about it, get out from under that boulder! Anyway, the event was a success, thanks to our loyal fans and supporters of Togoparts. So a big shout out to thank everyone who’s been using Togoparts since forever, and we promise to keep delivering you the best content and user experience in the years to come.

Okay enough selling ourselves, the main point of this blog post is to tell you guys we were happy with the event and our new site. So happy in fact, that we decided to pat ourselves on the back and have celebratory lunch to reward ourselves and encourage us to do better next time. It was a lot of work you know; don’t think for a second that revamping a site is a piece of cake. It’s more like baking several wedding cakes for the royal baby’s birthday. Stress. Seriously.

We went to *ahem* this place to have our lunch, and for that hour or so had a great time of bonding and fun. Stay tuned for more updates and improvements to your user experience in the coming days