Togoparts Holds Its Bike Fest on the 10-12 November 2017 at Suntec City. 

Togo Bike Fest happens on the 10th-12th October at Suntec City.


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As part of our mission of growing our local cycling community, Togoparts will bring together its melting pot of¬†cyclists from the 2017¬†#TOGOX Series of Challenges. Come join us on the 10-12 November 2017 at Suntec City¬†as celebrate our TOGOX Grand Finishers Event and bring you a sizzling fusion of¬†a sizzling fusion of the¬†best local bike shops¬†and sports-related brands that cater to our¬†community of cyclists¬†and bike enthusiasts!¬†It is also the perfect season for families to get together, bike enthusiasts and cyclists to meet one another and expand one’s social network, besides having lots of fun activities and great deals to enrich your day.



Booths happening at Togoparts Bike Fest 2017.

Visitors can expect a number of booths taking place with different vendors hailing with their amazing array of products!

Expert Talks

Participants of the Fest can expect an awesome array of activities lined up for them. In the works are talks by experts on cycling topics lasting 30 to 45 minutes and will cover topics of interest in cycling. Come if you wish to catch these pros in action!


Be an Early Bird in Our Timed Sales and Lucky Draws

Then, you’ll not want to miss the Lucky Draws slated to happen throughout the 3-day event. There will be 4 Lucky Draws well-spaced out, one on each day with the Grand Lucky Draw on the last hour of the last day. You’ll also stand to win awesome prizes, so stay tuned for the news!

To attend the Grand Lucky Draw scheduled on the last day, you’ll need to register with us way before the event happens.

Being an early bird thus, has its advantages too: queue early before the show starts Friday through Sunday at 11am to get unbelievable Early Bird deals with our various participating bike shops and brands. Deals happening only at limited quantities. Be part of our Timed Sales Events too: once-off deals happening for only 30 minutes. Queue up at 6pm on Friday and Saturday (10 and 11 Oct) to get your hand on these super limited deals.


TOGOX Grand Finale Finisher Event: all Challenges of 2017.

The Togoparts Bike Fest combines the TOGOX Finisher Event: Grand Finale Finisher Event of all Challenges of 2017. All previous and current participants of #TOGO1117, #TOGO817, #TOGO517, #TOGO1050 and #TOGO920 are invited to celebrate their achievements on conquering the miles on bikes. Also, the everlasting spirit of cycling shines Рcome witness for yourselves the amazing moments of victories our #TOGOX challengers have pulled off.

Mingle, share stories, trade experiences with fellow cyclists. Who knows, you may find new connections and your own preferred cycling support group! There’ll also be exciting exhibits to keep you occupied: browse our website, stay tuned for details.

On a closing note, you’ll not want to miss the chance to participate in our Grand Lucky Draw.
Simply click here to register way before the event and guarantee yourself a slot at drawing our Grand Prize.
Stay tuned on our website to find out more! See you at Togoparts Bike Fest 2017 from November 10 to 12!


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