Introducing Mariana Mohamad, or more commonly known as Mariana Ford. Mariana is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names when it comes to women’s road cycling. 



At the age of 19, Mariana started her cycling journey. 23 years have since passed and the mother of two is still at the top of her game.


From being crowned the national cycling champion to the UCI Road World Championship in Geelong, Australia and #TOGOMY57 Virtual Cycling Challenge, Mariana has been staying active despite the circumstances. 


“With the pandemic going on, everyone is looking for a good reason to ride; to have fun while staying safe and healthy at the same time.”



When asked what does cycling meant to her, Mariana answered, “Cycling means getting on the bike; get outside; being free; having lots of fun and enjoy the journey while exercising.”


“Cycling is more than just a sport or hobby, it is a lifestyle.” Cycling has been life-changing for Mariana and it kept her positive with a fighting attitude in all aspects of her life. She finds joy in group cycling as she gets to mingle around and challenge her groupmates to improve herself.



Mariana commented that the biggest benefit of joining #TOGOMY57 virtual cycling challenge would be the convenience of doing it at any time and anywhere when it suits her.


She is one of the top achievers of #TOGOMY57. Clocking in at a whopping 1,973.20km in 4 weeks. That’s almost 35 times more than the set requirement for completion.  



Mariana unlocked 5 achievements in total. She was one of the Randonneurs,  the Top 10 finishers who completed 157km in the shortest time and the Top 10 finisher who has covered the most distance during the challenge period. 


“Overall, it was a great event that was organised for riders who are looking for a purpose to ride. It’s the next best thing after an actual race event.”



Going forward, Mariana plans to keep the pedals rolling; doing what she loves and look out for more challenges in the future. “We should always remember to have fun, stay safe, healthy and most of all stay positive!”

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