It’s no surprise that climate change is negatively impacting our planet. At Togoparts, our aim is to make a difference in our community and the rest of the world. So this year, we decided to change things up by pushing towards a better future for our world. Read on to find out more about how we accomplished our goals and came together as a community!

A Collective Effort

As per usual, we couldn’t be prouder with the overall effort the Togoparts community puts in. At this point, it’s no surprise that we’ll be going above and beyond during every challenge. Collectively, the Togoparts community rode a total of 241,147 km! Now that’s what we call overachieving. But did we honestly expect anything less? To top it all off, a total of 663 riders, out of 802, completed the 80 km Finisher distance. That’s a whopping 83% of participants! 

Seeds of the Future

Another thing to be proud of is the immense number of new members to the Togoparts family! In total, we achieved 365 new members that joined in and achieved, as if they have been with us for years! A round of applause for our new comers! For their efforts, they unlocked the “Seeds of the Future” achievement. We can’t wait to witness you achieve greatness during our upcoming challenges.

Green Thumbs Galore

As we mentioned previously, we aimed to truly make a significant contribution towards the fight against climate change. This led us to team up with Trees4Trees. Trees4Trees are a non-profit organisation, based in Indonesia, that accepts donations from anyone and uses those contributions to plant trees! The trees will significantly improve our chances against climate change; while the donations will also help the local Indonesian communities that help plant the trees. From Togoparts’ end, we donated 1 USD from all participant fees. However, participants had the option to contribute as much as they wanted; which led to a whopping 92 riders contributing more than 1 USD to plant more trees!

To help spread the word about our initiative, we set up an achievement, The Green Thumb, that is awarded to the challenger with the largest amount of trees planted. We called for help and the wonderful Togoparts community answered our calls! A total of 1590 trees were planted by our 802 amazing challengers! One participant, Bernard Liew, went above and beyond by planting a total of 88 trees. We salute you, Bernard, our world would be a better place with more people like yourself!

Lights Out, Helmets On!

During each challenge, we love to challenge our riders – because we know they can handle it. As such, while maintaining our eco-friendly approach, we designed achievements that they can attain by riding during Earth Day and Earth Hour. And, of course, our participants delivered! A total of 85 participants cycled at least 30 km during Earth Day to unlock the “You’re My World” achievement. During Earth Hour, however, a total of 4 participants rode at least 30 km in a single hour to unlock the “Eco-mmitted” achievement! Now that’s what we call green achieving! 

The Overachievers

Now it’s time for some appreciation for our top riders! As mentioned, a whopping 663 riders completed the 80 km Finisher distance. However, 340 riders – over half – hit the Finisher distance during the very first week of the #TOGOECO challenge! Our community of riders truly knows how to go above and beyond!

But that’s not all: 9 riders clocked in at least 200 km PER WEEK during the course of the challenge; unlocking the “Green Weekend Warrior” achievement. While 5 participants at least 250 km in one single session to unlock “The Rock” achievement! Last, but definitely not least, our Randonneurs keep on increasing! 122 participants completed the 800 km Randonneur distance. You guys definitely need a break, ‘cause your quads must be on fire! 

Join the Fun During #TOGOWBD!

What better way to celebrate World Bicycle Day! Celebrate our favourite mode of transportation with your friends and family during #TOGOWBD! We’ll be cheering on the bicycle and family bonds as you can ride your child during this challenge. Come together as a family to win exclusive prizes and achievements!

In collaboration with Bikes for the Philippines, every participant will also contribute at least USD 1 to provide children with a bicycle, so they can head to school! We hope to see you on the track to support this cause! 

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