On #TOGO817‘s Jersey Collection Day, the heavens sent “brimstone and rain”. The event tentage set up at the Grandstand at Turf City, was buffeted by moderate rain and smoke drifting over from a nearby 7th Lunar month incense burning ritual. However, these were no obstacles to stop the 200-strong crowd from queuing up for Jerseys, Quad Locks and other merchandises being sold at the booths. True to the old adage of punctuality, the first cyclist showed up at 1.50pm to collect his jersey. By 2pm, the start of event, a healthy queue had formed leading to the jersey collection booth. Many were tingling with anticipation at meeting fellow like-minded cyclists or were just there to have a good time and catch the 2 lucky draws.


People waiting for the #TOGO817 Jersey Collection Day to begin

Ramped up a notch from the previous #TOGO517 km challenge, participants had to clock 817km between 15th Jul 2017 and 3rd Sep 2017 to rank as a Finisher. To qualify for the coveted Elite Finisher, they had to clock more than 2,017km. Despite the increase in mileage, quite a number of participants walked away with prizes sponsored generously by our sponsors. #TOGO817 expanded its categories to include the Senior Rider and Young Rider Classifications, besides Saddle Sore, The Hour Record, King of the Mountains, Night Owl, Photosynthesis, Twilight and the Chiongster.


The U Cycling Team donning #TOGO817’s finisher jerseys.

Participants were so delighted at receiving their jerseys, some donned the colors straightaway. The U Cycling Team is all primed up to take on the #TOGO1117km challenge.


Quad Locks were what a lot of participants queued up for besides #TOGO817 jerseys.


Gowes-SG all set for their next challenge.


Stephen, 8th in #TOGO817 and winner of the “Artist” category for his winning Strava art entry

Stephen Moore once again bagged the “Artist” category for his winning Strava entry. Strava art is the plotting of routes on a (Google) map using an app connected to the Strava site. Using waypoints, the cyclist creates a route for himself; the lines on this route outline the shape of an animal, object or whatever the geography of the map allows, limited only by one’s endurance and imagination (one of the leading Strava artists is Stephen Lund, which of course will be a topic for another day).


The red Vert foldable bike that Dan won at the lucky draw.

Highlights of the event include the lucky draw, which took place at 2.45pm and 4pm respectively. Enticed by the prospects of winning, the crowds stayed on past 4pm for the second lucky draw where the winner was finally announced: Dan Langlois, our 4th ranker in the #TOGO817 top 10 category, walked away with a red Vert foldable bike.


Uncle Tamiya riding away with a Cannondale grand prize for being 1st in #TOGO817

Uncle Tamiya, our male category champion and 4-time winner of previous #Togoparts challenges, was also seen shaking hands with fellow cyclists and cracking jokes with a number of old pals from the cycling community. His inspirational story has already been featured here.

The rain had somewhat abated by now, yet the sun, hailing weakly out from the clouds paled in energy to the exuberant moods of participants congratulating one another on their victories in the various categories.

Stay tuned for other inspirational stories of fellow prize-winners and cyclists.



The #TOGO817 Jersey Collection had drawn to a close. Registrations for the #TOGO1117 have also ended. You are however welcome to participate in #TOGOHALF. The reward will be a neat Finisher Tee. Simply clock 557km between 9th Sept and 5th Nov to get the #TOGOHALF Finisher Tee. 



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