The TOGO517 Cycling Challenge

TIJA HWEI CHEW | 6th May 2017 | NEWS

The long awaited TOGO-X challenges are back for 2017, better than ever.

Whether it’s the busy urban streets, or the dense tropical rainforest; to the vast lonely asphalt, or the winding path less travelled.

Whether you ride a svelte carbon machine, or a heavy duty downhill rig; a slick city foldie, or even an unloved pavement beater.


It does not matter.

The TOGO517 challenge is the first of three challenges planned for the 2017 season. Riders have five weeks to complete 517 kilometers, with a plethora of achievements to gun for. Here are some interesting ones:


The Hour Record

The longest distance cycled in an hour

The current men’s record holder of the UCI hour record, Sir Bradley Wiggins, described his attempt as “tortorous” and “the closest he will ever come to knowing what it is like to have a baby”. For TOGO517, we pay homage to the record by honouring the top cyclists attempting the challenge.


The Artist

The best Strava art

Cycling is an artform by itself; whether it’s the bikes, the riders, or the roads. The latest art form in cycling progressed in tandem with the popularity of the activity tracking app Strava. The road becomes a blank canvas; their bikes, are the brush; and Strava, the paint.


Saddle Sore

The longest distance cycled in a single session

2017 is shaping up to be quite a year for endurance cycling. With the loss of beloved ultra-distance cyclist Mike Hall, and the advent shattering of the men’s and women’s annual cycling mileage record by Amanda Coker, we give accolade to the genre with the Saddle Sore achievement.


Challenge starts 13th May to 18th June 2017


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