TOGO1050 Jersey Collection Event at ORTO

28th Feb 2017 | EVENTS

As cyclist, we all love to challenge ourselves. At Togoparts, we cater that for cyclist from all walks of lives with #TOGO1050! At #TOGO1050, we strive to let everyone ride hard and have a fun challenge to keep everyone moving despite the hectic schedule everyone may have.

11 December 2016 marks the private event of the #TOGO1050 and time for all the riders to reward themselves for completing the challenge. The event was simply a joy to have by everyone. The private event for finishers was held at a ORTO Yishun The Lakehouse. When the event was about to start, finishers started settling in with their beers chilling out with other finishers. Everyone was looking forward for the event to start. Some finishers even came thirty minute before the event start, showing how eager they are.

This event was indeed a great success with 452 cyclists managing to clock over 1050 kilometres. That is a whole lot of dedication and discipline to be able to clock in such a distance within 9 weeks despite having other commitments. Once people started flocking in, everyone took their beer coupon to claim their beer so that they can chill with their khakis and talk about the rides and adventures on their bikes they had with some chill background house music playing to set the mood right.

The event kicked off with riders themselves sharing their inspirational stories on how they manage to complete the challenge. This event was completed by cyclist from as young as the age 13. The highlight of the inspiration stories was shared by Mr Allan Yeo who managed to complete #TOGO1050 with more than 13000 kilometre clocked in! Mr Allan Yeo almost double his previous record at #TOGO920 of approximately 7000KM. With 13000 kilometre clocked, that is an average distance of about 200 kilometre a day. That is more than a round island of Singapore every single day! At the age of 54, it is indeed jaw dropping for all of us. For the female elite finisher Angela Cheong, she managed to clock in 4200 kilometre which is way above the 1050 kilometre target. Really impressive dedication by the elite finishers.

With the inspiring stories being shared by the elite finishers, anyone who wants to complete with a better result or has difficulty completing the challenge, are sure to be inspired by the elite finishers to push themselves even harder in the future. As Mr Allan Yeo said, “it is all about the mindset” indeed one can use mental power to push themselves even more than what they think they could.

After getting inspired, Mr Evan Lee, co-founder of came up on stage to present to everyone about the impressive results everyone has put out together in this event. With that, Mr Evan Lee then give out certificates to Notable Mentions such as Longest saddle time, Youngest participant and Least saddle time. Due to what these participants have achieved, they received some Muc-Off Products as another form of reward for their dedication.

When anyone manages to complete a challenge for themselves, they are sure to look forward to what comes after for them right? This is where the finishers receive their rewards! As for this case, the finishers are all collecting their finisher jerseys to prove that they have braved through this challenge of riding over 1050 kilometre in 9 weeks. This is what they have been looking forward to and this is what they worked for. With the jerseys being provided by The Cyclist Mess, quality and comfort is assured as they are known for providing affordable yet quality jerseys with many positive feedbacks to back up.

Lucky Draw time! The moment participants have been looking forward to trying their luck. Be it small or big, many prizes will be given out. One of the prize sponsor is with us at the event! Etiqa insurance where they sponsored 3 lucky winners to get a 1 year bike insurance. The Etiqa were at the back with a booth giving out some small goodies. The top two prizes are both bikes. One is a Ridley Fenix Carbon road bike which is worth a whopping S$3000 sponsored by Actionbods and another is a Vorlad Folding bike which is worth a hefty S$600 by Bike Avenue. There are other prizes as well such as Muc-off products, CEMA bottom brackets and many more. The lucky winners sure had a big smile on them when they collected their prizes. This lucky draw could not have happened if not for the awesome sponsors by Hodaka Motorworld, New Era cycle, Zoom park Asia, Etiqa, Performance Cycles, Bike Avenue and Actionbods.

After all the laughter and smile being put on everyone by their jerseys, the event was then graced by Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry Sim Ann. She was first ushered in by the Togoparts team and welcomed by everyone by a round of applause. She then handed out certificates to Elite finishers, also certificate of appreciation to contributors such as The Cyclist Mess and awards some awards for The Cyclist Choice. After handing out the certificates, it then become a bonding session with the participants and contributors by getting to know the stories behind the finishers and people who made the event possible to happen. It was indeed a wonderful joyous occasion as smile can be seen anywhere and laughter can be heard from everywhere.

From the looks of everyone and the atmosphere around, it can be concluded that #TOGO1050 was indeed a great success of an event. Everyone had fun hanging around their peers with their beers and got rewarded by the challenge they braved through. Many photos were taken by everyone as a wonderful memory to be brought home and shared.

As the event is coming to an end, finishers began to bid farewell to their peers, have their final cheers and of course some last-minute group photos of them in their awesome finisher jerseys. All finishers sure look impressive and proud in their outstanding finisher’s jersey.

Be sure to keep yourselves posted about any upcoming Togoparts event. Ride hard but don’t forget to party hard. Challenge yourself and be rewarded.

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