Tripeak is a company based in Taiwan which specializes in making aftermarket ceramic bearing upgrade/conversion kits for various types of bottom brackets (BSA, BB30, PF30, EVO386) as well as bearing upgrade kits for wheel sets. It also makes the corresponding tools for the removal and installation of bottom bracket and hub bearings.

Bottom Bracket (BB) Converter Socket (new for 2013)

While it might be counter-intuitive to convert back to a standard threaded BB system from BB30/PF30 which is quite a common standard for frames in the market now, the Tripeak Converter Socket allows those who are using a BB30/PF30 standard frame to run threaded bottom bracket systems. This is particularly useful for those who wish to continue using their Shimano, Campagnolo or SRAM crank sets which work with conventional threaded bottom bracket systems.

A unique feature of the Tripeak BB Converter Socket is the plastic cups which minimizes damage to the bottom bracket shell of the frame during the installation and/or removal process.

Hub bearing puller and Hub bearing installation kits (new for 2013)

As the saying goes, “one needs the right tools for the right job” and Tripeak has released a hub bearing puller (or extraction) kit and hub bearing installation kit for removal and installation of hub bearings respectively, which are new for 2013.

Above: The Tripeak Hub bearing installation kit (left) and Hub bearing puller (right)

With the use of these hub bearing extraction and installation kits, mechanics at the bike shop can perform their duties on the wheel sets safely and easily, compared to the days of just using a mallet or hammer to knock the bearings out which may raise concerns amongst customers.

Jockey wheel upgrade (new for 2013)

The new jockey wheel by Tripeak comes in at 9.2g for a pair (hooray for the weight-weenies) and in an 11-tooth configuration. The plastic body helps to reduce weight, noise and most importantly, reduced friction which results in a slower wear rate for the chain. The hybrid ceramic bearings in the jockey wheel are oil free and require little or no maintenance.

Above: The new jockey wheel from Tripeak (Photo: Tripeak)

The existing product line includes ceramic bearing upgrade kits for various bottom bracket systems and wheel sets and we had the opportunity to review a set of each last year. According to Tripeak, their tools were specially developed for customers and mechanics so that they can remove, install and upgrade the bottom bracket and hub bearings easily and safely (gone are the noisy hammering/mallet knocking days).

Tripeak products are available from Pharmatic.