Ultremo ZX: White is the new black

We know how white bar-tape has that ‘pro’ feel on road bikes, but how about bringing it up a notch with white tires? Schwalbe’s top racing bike tire model, the Ultremo ZX, is now available in white, is lighter and more puncture-resistant. This is due to a new V-Guard puncture protection layer under the thread. The super light high-tech fibres of the V-Guard also help reduce rolling friction significantly.

The new white Ultremo ZX tires are also a perfect complement with black carbon rims!

Rocket Ron: Lighter and faster

Mountain bike enthusiasts and cross-country racers are surely no strangers to the Rocket Ron tire, known to be, as the name suggests, one of the lightest and fastest MTB competition tires. The improved thread design ensures a better grip and handling while rolling resistance is reduced by 15%. The completely smooth and even sidewall makes Tubeless Ready assembly easy. The new Rocket Ron comes in various widths in the standard 26” as well as 29” and 650B (pictured).

The new Ultremo ZX tubeless road racing tire

Brand new for 2013, the Ultremo ZX tubeless road racing tire took three years to develop with hundreds of test rides in training and competition, going through numerous prototypes before its final incarnation. In fact, the Ultremo ZX tubeless is the fastest tire Schwalbe has ever produced, even faster than the 160gram Ultremo ZLX, the lightest tire in the Schwalbe product range.

In a truly revolutionary approach, Schwalbe utilized carbon fibers in the bead core for the first time, in order to achieve the necessary tensile strength and prevent the tire from jumping off the rim. Schwalbe recommends using the tubeless racing tire with 30ml sealant (Doc Blue Professional), which makes the tire even more resistant to typical damage as a result of shards, thorns or flints, and has no negative effect on the rolling resistance. If the thread or side wall is pierced, Doc Blue Professional seals it, even at high pressure, within a fraction of a second.

The Schwalbe Ultremo ZX tubeless tire is available as an individual piece and a special introductory offer kit: a pair of tires with Doc Blue and Easy Fit (see below).