Meqix, which is based in Taichung, Taiwan, was founded 3 years ago by Mr Lenny Wang who has vast experience in the bicycle industry. Prior to starting Meqix, Mr Wang was head of research for cranks and bottom brackets at Truvativ for nearly a decade before it was acquired by SRAM.

The company which started out with just mini pumps and foot pumps, Meqix has now expanded its product range. Their new products for 2014 include aftermarket chain rings for road bikes and even a portable power source not just for its lights but also for mobile devices.

Meqix road chain rings

Brand new for 2014, the Meqix road chain rings come in both standard (53/39) and compact (50/34) and the compact 50 teeth chain ring had 6 points of contact with the spider (instead of the usual 5) for added stiffness.

Meqix City Source Bag

Going for a short kopi ride with your friends or running an errand in the neighbourhood? The City Source Bag is perfect for storing small items like your mobile phone, keys and even mini-tools just in case you need to make some adjustments along the way.

Meqix Slam CO2

The new Air flow control technology works like a valve and allows for both small and big flows of air from the CO2 canister so it is easy to use even for beginners. The simple mechanism and ease of maintenance (an internal replaceable rubber ring) should make it attractive for those who wish to try using the CO2 system instead of conventional air pumps.

Meqix Sally Led Series

Tri Light RGB (5 colour changeable LED bulb)

Bored of the usual red rear lights on your bike? The Tri Light RGB has 5 in-built colours-red, yellow, green, blue, pink which can be selected according to the user’s preference. The run-time is 50-60 hours on the flash mode and 25-30 hours on the steady mode.

Tri Light FP and Tri Light RP

Designed specifically for the conventional front (Tri Light FP, in black) and rear (Tri Light RP, in red) light usage, both models come with a power magnet design mounting system (with an included metal bracket) for ease of installation and removal without the use of rubber rings or straps.

Moving Power source

Designed to be a multi-purpose portable charging device, the Meqix Moving Power source is suitable for Meqix LED rechargeable lights and smart phones.  Various adapter heads are available for different mobile devices. The Moving Power source is particularly useful for overnight rides with heavy duty light usage or even for travelling as a back-up power supply for your mobile devices.

Multi Tools

Valley 6 and Valley 8 (not pictured)

New for 2014, the Valley 6 and Valley 8’s compact and flat design will make it convenient to carry for your rides. Both models have a 90 degree and 270 degree auto index feature for ease of use and the long 80mm stainless steel body provides good leverage whilst using the tool. In addition, the body also flexes slightly to minimize the risk of over-torqueing the bolts: the principle is similar to that of the commonly seen L-shaped allen key. The Valley 6 has 6 bits: Hex 4/5/6/T25/T30/PH1 Cross drive and the Valley 8 has 8 bits: Hex 2.5/3/4/5/6/T25/T30/PH1 Cross drive.

Tri Tool

The Tri Tool, with its ergonomic design, makes it a favourite amongst bike shop mechanics and it folds nicely into a small triangular package. As its name suggests, it comes with 3 bits with 2 options: Hex 4/5/6 and T25/T30/PH 1 Cross drive. There is also the possibility of choosing specific bits so consumers can have the exact bits they need depending on their preferences.

Floor Pumps

Air Fighter Series

A special feature of the Air Fighter range of floor pumps is its unique LCD Power Digital Gauge which is Bar/PSI switchable, a first for floor pumps in the industry.

Bourdon Series

The pressure gauge on the Bourdon range of floor pumps are foldable, which keeps the overall shape of the pump compact and make it easy for storage with a reduced surface area.


The first of its kind for floor pumps in the industry, the SALLY-LED range comes with an ultra-thin LED pressure gauge with a foldable design which makes it convenient for storage.

The 2014 Meqix products will be available later in the year from Pharmatic Trading Pte Ltd, the official distributor for Meqix.