The TAIPEI CYCLE d & i awards serves as a platform to showcase some of the greatest innovation and design achievements from the bicycle industry to an international audience.

First launched in 2012 in conjunction with the TAIPEI CYCLE Show 25th anniversary, the TAIPEI CYCLE d & i awards is now in its second year! The event is organized by iF, an internationally renowned name for product design awards (the iF Gold Award is synonymously known as the “Design Oscar”), and is sponsored by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council and the Taiwan Bicycle Exporters’ Association.

Feast your eyes on some of this year’s award winning bicycles that were showcased at the Taipei International Cycle Show 2013.

The IFMove is a pretty and high performance, fast folding bicycle that is positioned as a convenient, user friendly machine for the urban commuter. With usability regarded as its highest priority during the design process, the IFMove which weighs no more than 10kg, can be folded and transformed into a convenient package in less than 2 seconds. Do keep a lookout for our upcoming article on this ground breaking product.

Culprit Bicycles is a new player in the market and already winning awards! The Culprit Croz Blade is a full carbon monocoque aerodynamically designed road bike that comes with 2 brake assembly options. The same frame/fork can be fitted with either rim brake TRP TTV or with disc brakes. Riders have the option of using disc brakes under bad weather conditions for better braking performance. Even with disc brakes, the Culprit Croz Blade is still race ready and light – a complete Croz Blade bike weighs only 7.6kg. The Croz Blade also comes with a patented fork design as well as a hidden brake behind the bottom bracket area.

The SPEEDONE XCS features a TwoCAMM patented design that comes with many significant technical features that allows it to stand out from the rest. The TwoCAMM system which is available for 26”, 27.5” and 29” bikes features a lightweight rear suspension triangle that is composed of different material properties. The chainstay suspension yoke integrates a spring steel plate and the upper link which is made of titanium provides a silky smooth travel and rebound while increasing lateral stiffness pedalling for efficient power delivery.


The TERN Verge S11i is the bicycle for the commuting cyclists looking for a ride that comes with many features without compromising ride quality. The Verge S11i is fitted with a Joule 3 dynamo hub (one of the most efficient in the market) that allows you to power your bicycle lights and charge your gadgets as you pedal away. The bike which comes with an easily adjustable Andros stem can be fitted for riders big or small and its 3D forged handlepost made from a single piece of aluminium provides the stiffness required for a comfortable ride. The Tern Verge S11i can also be easily folded in seconds if you need to bring it onto the subway or train.

A near mission impossible project by Axman Enterprises, a complete R22 bike fitted with non-custom parts weighs a mere 4.53kg. Although this is definitely not UCI legal, weight weenies will nonetheless be delighted. Axman is a Taiwanese based manufacturer that sponsored their nation’s first ever women’s professional cycling team, the Axman Team Taiwan.

The Scarp Prestige carbon monocoque frame features an oversized headtube made possible by KTM’s state-of-the-art GrooveCut- Technology. The innovative shape and volume of the tubing is perfectly calculated to provide maximum stiffness and to ensure the highest possible power transmission and handling.

The Triace KS910 is the ultimate road racing machine for its perfect blend of weight, stiffness, strength, compliance, handling and aerodynamics. What makes the Triace KS910 stand out from the rest in its league is how its aluminium frame outperforms during the destructive and fatigue testing. The frame weighs less than 900 grams and has the best stiffness to weight ratio. Designed for the serious racer and suitable for wannabes or new riders, the KS910 also features an aerodynamically-shaped seat tube, fork blades and conical head tube that reduce frontal surface area and optimizes front and lateral resistance caused by air drag.