Agogo Bike manufactures a wide range of bicycle frames, components and accessories which are practical and lightweight for discerning ‘weight weenies’ or those who wish to ‘bling’ up their rides. For 2014, Agogo Bike will be launching an exciting range of new products:

Carbon 650B Hardtails: The FM-M20SL & FM-M13

The brand new M20SL carbon hardtail MTB frame, designed around the 650B platform comes in at a scant 895g (±50g) for a size 17.5” and comes in a BB92 (Shimano) configuration.

The slightly heavier (1300g±50g for a size 16”) M13 carbon hardtail MTB frame comes with a PF30 BB with the possibility of running BB30 and BSA (standard threaded BB) with the use of adapters for added flexibility and convenience.

Full-suspension carbon MTBs: The FM-XC1 & FM-XC6

The FM-XC1 is designed for the big-wheeled 29er platform while the FM-XC6 is a 650B model. Both the FM-XC1 and FM-XC6 are optimised for the double-chain ring drivetrain system and comes with interchangeable rear drop outs (135mm x 9mm quick-release & 142mm x 12mm thru-axle) so riders can have options depending on their wheel choice.

The R13 Road Racing Carbon Frameset

The R13 runs on the PF30 BB and has a wide range of sizes from 45cm to 60cm in 2cm increments and it is compatible with both mechanical and electronic drivetrains. The monocoque front fork design adds to the front-end stiffness of the frame.

Alloy Cassette Sprockets

Compatible with Shimano and SRAM drivetrains, the 10-speed 11-36T Scandium model (in black) is a one-piece CNC-ed cassette and is double coated with ceramic and Teflon for longevity at a weight-weenie worthy 191g. Those who are not as concerned about weight can try the other 2 aluminium alloy models with hard anodized treatment (in gold) and electro less nickel coating (in silver). Both are in the same configuration as the Scandium model and weighs 195g (hard anodized) and 205g (electro less nickel) respectively.

Titanium bolts and full-titanium quick-releases

Agogo Bike’s titanium bolts are developed using a special 3-step process which uses extra titanium material at the top-cap section which is pressed and compressed to provide further stiffness and added durability. One of the common complaints of lightweight titanium bolts is that it snaps too easily and the special manufacturing process of Agogo Bike’s titanium bolts helps overcome this problem.

Other titanium skewer brands usually come with a titanium axle and an alloy lever/closing mechanism. Agogo Bike’s titanium skewers, however, are fully constructed in titanium, including both the axle and lever. This innovation helped them clinch an award in the components/parts category of the 2012 Taipei d & I awards.

Agogo Bike products are distributed by Pharmatic.