Cateye, Brompton and Schwalbe

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The Sumo range of superbright lights. 1600 lumens and 1000 lumens (L to R).

The accessories manufacturer Cateye is back this year with three new items in its range. Cateye brings with it a new front light called the Sumo which comes with two or three high lumen LEDs. The Sumo 2 has two LEDs and outputs 1,000 lumens while the Sumo 3 has three LEDs that output 1,600 lumens. In fact, over the course of these three days, we have seen many lights, but if not for the Luu Lighting (see day one), Cateye would be at the top.

Of course, Cateye has more innovative products. The GPS-video recorder is a new addition which is a rather interesting item. It has PC integration too to make use of its GPS functionality. A full-house functionality wristwatch is also offered by Cateye and so is the new Reflex range, which is a LED powered safety light that looks and functions like a reflector.



Looks can be deceiving especially if it’s a Brompton. There are enough nuances if you look carefully.

Brompton. Yes, it still looks like a Brompton from back then, with quintessential shape, fold and British elegance. Not much change here, a few additions to its range of commuter bags and the addition of three colours – Claret, Hot Pink and Sage Green.

However, we were hinted about the newer innovations slated to come out later this year and in 2012. Aesthetically, the copper Brompton is one of them and more practically, a Brompton e-bike is coming out. Truly titillating.



Tread or no tread? Makes merely a psychological difference according to Schwalbe.

These Germans know how to make you feel happy. In addition to having a two booklets full of spec sheets and technical details which were perfect for a writer in the dizzifying Schwalbe-ist jargon, they served great coffee.

Great PR work aside, great products are in for you. Schwalbe’s new tyres have gone through a thorough testing methodology which will give you the ultimate ride performance. Their new triple compound tyres have been tested to ensure that you stick to the ground as grippily or as smoothly and swiftly as you would prefer.

A foray into tubeless tyres and the entry-level market is at the forefront of Schwalbe’s agenda. The new tubular tyres encompass the Ultremo and Racing Ralph varieties of road and MTB tyres. These tyres were previously only available as clinchers. Too, the Black Shark is the entry-level mountain bike tyre made by Schwalbe as a means to enter the market of tyres used in recreational bikes.

Kiddies, Pros and Koreans


The Firstbike, many configurations and some bling… Schwalbe Big Apples for your toddler, anyone?

The Firstbike is a unique design coming from Germany for toddlers ranging from 2 to 5 years old, and costs 90 to 110 Euros depending on spec. it has a range of specifications ranging from an additional brake, different tyre choices (including a Schwalbe!) and colours.

The Firstbike is supposed to be a tool for a seamless transition from this to a two wheel bike. Its main role is in teaching balance to a child.


Methaphorically and literally, Sastre and Menchov are behind this bike.

Fuji’s new bike, the Altamira is a new bike that sponsors Diadora’s womens team as well as the Geox-TMC, with riders such as Carlos Sastre and Denis Menchov. The Altamira incorporates the new High-Compaction Moulding Process, which intricately reduce weight as well as increases stiffness by filtering out what’s unnecessary in the process of making a carbon fibre bike, as well as to remove irregularities in the make of a curved carbon fibre tube.

Two other new bikes from Fuji include the SST and the Gran Fondo. The SST is supposedly the stiffest bike in Fuji’s range, while the Gran Fondo is the long distance bike suited for centuries or audaxes.