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VDO Cyclecomputing

VDO’s full product range, from A to Z, with the dealer’s cyclocomputer programmer on the bottom left.

VDO Cyclecomputer brings with it updates into its line of speedometers, classified from A to Z in ascending order of functionality. The A4 and A4+, the entry-level but best-selling range from VDO, has been updated to be able to be compatible with the dealer’s syncronisation comuter, which is a computer that makes setting up a customer’s speedometer easy. The X and Z range sport more specialised functions such as cadence metering on the X, and the Z series uses 2.4ghz transmission, an altimeter, HRM and HRM training functions.

More interestingly, the VDOs have an algorithm to calculate wattage without using a separate power meter. Granted, this might be inaccurate in conditions of head or tailwind or slopes, but they give you a gauge based on a calculation of figures inputted into the speedometer.


O_synce’s range of products. The prototype iPhone casing is on the right with the integrated ANT+ receiver dock shown.

O_synce, on the other hand, races ahead with more technological innovations in speedometer manufacturing. New things include the double arm speedo cradle, the GPS operated Navi2Move, and the proprietary iPhone casing with ANT+ connector and a cap with a heads-up display that syncs with the O_synce watch.

Miche-Guerciotti and 3T

Miche and Guerciotti: the special Italian partnership


Guerciotti Eureka (top left), the frame of the Miche Guercotti team.

While strictly separate manufacturers, Guerciotti and Miche have teamed up to create the Miche Guerciotti racing team. Guerciotti supplies the frames, while Miche supplies the parts. Guerciotti is introducing two new top-of-the-line models, the Eclipse and the Eureka.

The Eureka and the Eclipse both integrate the latest concept from Guerciotti – the No Limit Carbon Engineering method of producing carbon frames, creating a frame that doesn’t compromise between comfort, lightness and stiffness. The Eclipse is the lightest bike in the range with a weight of 870 grams, while the Eureka is their team bike.


Silicon will balance your deep profile rims, seriously.

Miche brings with it a interesting line of additions to its range. The key item that caught our attention at their booth had to be their new ZeroPoint tabs. These are made to ameliorate the imbalance of a spinning wheel caused by the long valve in a deep profile rim. Stuck on a wheelset, these promise to make a bike more stable, faster and brake better. They come in black and transparent with weights of 9g and 6g, depending on the amount of weight necessary to balance your wheelset.

Miche also has something for cyclocrossers, with its new carbon fibre brakes, carbon fibre crank with a customisable chainrings and carbon fibre wheelsets.

3T: 50th Anniversary, old but gold

Old but gold literally. The Competizione handlebars, crafted with gold as a commemorative item to 3T’s fiftieth anniversary.

3T is named 3T because it represents three T’s that stand for Techno Tubo Torino. And old it is, having started out in 1961, then being sold to Gruppo in 1985, then coming into the hands of Rene Wiertz in 2007. At that point of time, Wiertz merely bought the brand, because Gruppo didn’t really produce anything too innovative.

As introduced to us by Wiertz himself, 3T is currently at the forefront of innovation. Having the stiffest sprinting bar, the most aerodynamic TT bars and one of the most unique ITU racing bars named the Scatto, Ventus and Zefiro respectively.

Wishbone and a Ceremony

Carbon Fibre Paradise

Wishbone’s carbon-alu blend

Wishbone brings us a really interesting range of wheelsets. Eric Shih ran us through his range of wheelsets made mostly of carbon, although there are also certain wheelsets that are fully made out of aluminium, and a mix of both too. His wheelsets have reached many corners of the world, with it being most marketable in Europe and the USA.

Also, Wishbone sponsors certain pro-teams, the HTC-Pride, Txtough Foundation, and in Singapore, his wheelset played a key role in Team Fuji Singapore and in the YOG girls’ team. His booth might have been tiny compared to the likes of Reynolds, Mavic and other big manufacturers, but it was best termed as the most efficiently used booth. He had over thirty wheelsets on display for all sorts of disciplines, including road, MTB, triathlon, cyclocross… everything!

Vittoria: Patriotic Italians and a Togoparts Exclusive

150th Anniversary Commemoratory shoe from Vittoria

Exactly on this day, 17 March but 150 years ago, the modern Italy transformed from a region filled with city-states to become a country unified under one government. Vittoria had something special for this ocassion, which is probably the most patriotic act displayed in the whole of the Taiwan Cycle Show.

Vittoria has created a special colour scheme on the Hora and Model 1976 shoes. Both these shoes have the special Tricolore colour scheme and the words 150° Anniversario written on it. The Hora that is on display had a unicarbon sole, while the Model 1976 had the rubber sole. The Hora is a shoe made for racing, with the special Vittoria rotor shoe tightening system, while the Model 1976 is a classic shoe more for recreational cycling and commuting and has shoelaces.

The Model 1976 and the Hora shoe, a cycle-walking shoe and a road biking shoe respectively.

A celebration by Edoardo and Veronica Vercelli and Singapore distributor Hong Kong Hwee Georges, as they pop open a bottle of Cuvee.

These shoes are limited to a 150 pairs and they will come with a certificate to whoever orders them. The cuvee at the ceremony was good, and apparently it was from the vineyard of Edoardo’s cousin.