Taipei Cycle 2017 – Merida

3rd May 2017 | EVENTS

After four very successful seasons in the world tour, Merida has formed a new race team in the road scene called BAHRAIN MERIDA Pro Cycling Team.

2017 and 2018 will be a year of awesome changes and innovation for Merida bikes. Having a new team and venturing into the E-bike scene is what they have done for this year. You can tell that in the lineup this year, much effort has been put into the E-bike department.

As for the cross country mountain bike scene, they have ended their 16 successful years with Team Multivan. With More than 30 World Cup wins, 15 World Championship titles, 15 European and countless national titles as well as an Olympic Gold and Silver medal has made the team the most successful UCI Mountain Bike team of all times.The team is looking back at more than one and a half decades of successful international racing where the outstanding team spirit was one of the most prominent features. However, with their strong cross country background, I suppose you can continue to look out for Merida’s further advancements in the cross country scene.

Merida has shown to be a very promising company for the upcoming years as MERIDA is an international brand that is already available in 88 countries, but so far has little presence in the Gulf region, so Bahrain and its neighbouring countries are an interesting opportunity to develop the brand. Having this new team will indeed boost Merida’s influence in other regions of the world.

Checking into the list of bikes Merida has to offer, one can tell that they basically manufacture bikes to suit all sorts of different disciplines. Even for the women, they aren’t left out. Having a range of bikes for the women, everyone is sure to have a bike that is made to suit their needs and wants.

With the fact of not many companies actually make high end women specific bikes, Merida has been bold enough to actually offer it to women who aspires to take this sport to another level. With bikes from the road department such as RIDE DISC 5000 JULIET/SCULTURA DISC 4000 JULIET and bikes such as ONE-TWENTY XT-EDITION JULIET from the mountain department, you can expect a very strong customer base from them.

With that said and also introduced about Merida bikes, you can expect more exciting news and lineup from them in the near future.