1st of April 2007 marked the grand opening of T.R Bikes, the brain child of Lynten (aka Singlespeeder) and his business partner, Henry. The moment you step into T.R Bikes, it is easy to notice the uniqueness of this shop. Only two brands which are familiar were spotted in this shop, Shimano and LAS. Everything else we saw has limited availability elsewhere in this little island. And if you know Lynten long enough, you will realize that he still has his bet on singlespeeds, steel frames and 29’ers.

T.R Bikes is located at Blk 7, Jalan Batu #01-107. Tugged away in the serenity of Tanjong Rhu HDB estate, opposite La-Selle school, the shop is nicely done up with ample of space allocated to the different sections. The shop looks pretty empty for now, but I am sure it is going to get filled up in no time. While talking to Lynten, he is already prepping us on what new stuffs to expect in the coming weeks. Drop by soon if you are looking for little bling to customise your steed and giving it a colour coordinated look.

While we loomed around the shop this afternoon, we came across a couple of items which we think are interesting. First item that caught our attention are the Hoss baggy shorts near the entrance. The jungle and urban camo design is a break from the boring black baggies found in almost all bike shops. While these designs are not new, the nice colour texture managed to win some of us over.

The next thing that caught our attention was the set of bright blue bicycle tools to our right. At first glance, all of us mistook the tools to be from ParkTools™. Only upon closer inspection do we realized we are wrong. What Lynten uses is from another tool maker, Unior, a major tool manufacturer in Europe. They do not only produce bicycle tools, but have 3000+ tools in their catalogue. Last but not least, we caught glimpse of interesting hip flask by Ahernes. These small bottles are commonly used to store small quantity of alcohol during travel. Lynten told us that the matching cage will be available shortly to allow mounting of these flasks onto your bike and just like water bottles. This is fantastic news for those who like to take a sip or two during ride. Rest assured we are not trying to promote drink & riding.

To celebrate the new opening, Lynten has gladly extended a 10% discount for all purchases of in-house brands, made in the month of April. Other brands will enjoy a 5% discount over the same period. The list of in-house brands is attached at the end of this article. If the item you are looking for is not available at the moment, fred not, the discount will be given as long as the payment is made within the month.

In-house brands:

Singular Cycle
White Industries
Paul Components
Tiso Bike Components
Hoss Technical Gear