Ride Date: 22 August 2004 Forum Discussion: here International link: here

On a cool Sunday morning, 30 odd cyclists took to the roads with the purpose to raise awareness among the motoring community that “Cyclists are part of the road too”. The group comprise of men and women ranging for 16 to 40 years old with a few expat riders on their droolable bikes.

The group set off at about 8am after a short brief on the route and rounds of applause. We started cycling in a single file but the moment we reached Geylang Road, we were getting cut off by inconsiderate buses and cars. Some of us were struggling to avoid them and had some close calls.

We made a brief stop at Bugis Junction for five minutes to regroup and reiterating some safety issues. We decided to ride as a “bike bus” thus taking up the entire left lane by keeping close with the group and not weaving in and out of vehicle when approaching a junction.

The rest of the journey proceeded uneventfully until when we are about to reach Harbour Front along Kampong Bahru Road. It was a right turn only lane and the traffic lights showed that we could proceed. Upon crossing the junction halfway, some inconsiderate driver honked at us and attempted to cut in front. Of course he didn’t succeed as the “bike bus” took up the entire left lane.

The ride took about 45mins and we reached the WTC and after some handshakes and words of encouragement, some of us proceeded to chat over a hearty breakfast while some proceeded with their Sunday morning ride.

There may be another Ride of Silence to follow up on this somewhere in March next year. Keep your eyes peeled.

The Ride of Silence is a nationwide in a silent slow-paced ride in honour of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on Singapore’s roads.