Renowned Italian saddle brand, “Fizik”, is the phonetic spelling of the word “physique”, a clear reflection of the brand’s commitment to satisfy and grant comfort to the rider on all the 3 contact points of the bike: the saddle, shoes and bar tape.

Given its reputation, it comes as no surprise that Fizik is currently working with 8 professional road cycling teams, which means more than 45% of the riders in the pro peloton are riding with Fizik. The latest product offering from Fizik this year is the Arione R3 saddle in Team Edition Colors:

Fizik Spine Concept

Are you a snake, chameleon or bull? Fizik’s Spine Concept allows riders to choose the appropriate type of saddle depending on the individual’s flexibility. If you are very flexible, then you are a ‘snake’. The flat and narrow Arione saddle is suitable for the ‘snake’ type of rider.

Above: Marco Haerens, Area Manager (Asia) of Fizik explaining the “spine concept”. 

For those somewhere in between in terms of flexibility, you are a ‘chameleon’ and the flat and wide Antares saddle is what you should go for. Finally, those who may not be so flexible, you are classified as a ‘bull’ and the waved and wide Aliante saddle will provide that extra comfort.

The power of Fluo
New for 2013 are the glossy highlighter colours for Fizik saddles. These will be available only for the following selected models: the Arione Versus, Antares Versus, Aliante Versus (road), Gobi (MTB) and Vesta (Ladies).
Above: The Arione Versus Fluo (yellow) & Vesta Fluo (pink)
Sexy shoes
Fizik also manufactures shoes for road cycling, mountain biking and triathlons. The top-tier models like the R1 (for road) and M1 (for mountain) feature kangaroo leather/nylon mesh uppers, sail cloth straps and of course, carbon fiber soles. For the budget conscious, there are the R5 and M5 models.
Thanks to Entro for inviting us for the Fizik New Product Launch 2013!