Indonesia Youth Pledge Day falls on the 28th of October every year. It is a significant event where the Youth Pledge or declaration was made by young Indonesian nationalists in the Second Youth Congress. 



To commemorate this historical day, the #SEMANGAT28 challenge was held. Through this event, cyclists around the world would unite to cover a total distance of 128,000km as a show of our youth spirit and celebrate our heroes’ spirit in this Youth Pledge day.




16 days have passed since the challenge started, our awe-inspiring cyclists have clocked a total of 187,570km. That’s more than 166 times to and fro Jakarta from Yogyakarta!

Furthermore, this distance has translated to a total of RP 9,378,500 donated to WECARE.ID. At the rate we’re going, the donations are projected to reach a whopping RP 20,515,468 by the end of the challenge. 



However, this trend is subjected to change as registration is still opened until 15 November 2020 (23:59hrs). The donations may experience a larger than expected increment as registration increases.

Therefore, it is still not too late to contribute to the cause and ride to raise funds for the fight against COVID-19 in Indonesia. The more you ride, the more lives you help!



So far, you’ve been amazing. All your efforts and hard work were reflected on the leaderboard. Ride on strong and let’s get through this depressing time together. 

For those who haven’t registered, it’s still not too late. Join #SEMANGAT28 now and lend a helping hand in the fight against the pandemic of the century.