Four cyclists – Mr Tag Sin Siew, Mr Michael Ngu, Mr Tee Lay Kern and Mr Tan Ah Chwee – whose ages add up to a remarkable 257 years, will embark on a 16-day cycling journey in July across United Kingdom to raise funds for National Kidney Foundation.

Initiated and organised by the four cyclists, “Riding for Hope” will cover more than 1,600km and will be the longest distance the team ever takes, particularly for one team member, Mr Michael Ngu, 62, who is physically challenged due to a bout of childhood polio, immobilizing his lower limb movements. Despite his physical challenges, the rider is determined and optimistic about the upcoming journey. He will be riding on his handcycle, which is three-wheeled and powered by arms rather than the legs. Besides Michael, the team leader, Mr Tag Sin Siew, 60, will also ride on a three-wheeled recumbent bike.

They hope to raise $257,000 for charity and every dollar raised will go towards NKF’s efforts in promoting kidney transplant, as all expenses for the trip will be covered by the cyclists. The riders likened their three-wheeled cycles to the three kidneys in a kidney transplant recipient’s body, as the recipient’s own damaged kidneys will not be removed during the transplant. 

“Just like the three-wheeled bicycles allow the cyclists to overcome physical challenges, having three kidneys symbolises hope for a kidney patient, as they are given a new lease of life through the transplant. We are honoured to contribute to a good cause,” said Mr Tag. 

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