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3rd April 2017 | EVENTS
Polygon. A promising brand that is on the rise globally. Started out in 1989 for the Southeast Asian market only, Polygon has now expanded way beyond its horizon. Expanding its distribution towards Australia, then Europe in 2011 with a headquarters in Germany and soon in 2014, it has made its way to America.

Polygon Trademark

Manufacturing bikes such as Mountain bikes, Road bikes, Urban bikes, BMX bikes and youth bikes, polygon has basically covered almost all the discipline and usage of the bicycle industry. For a company that has humble beginnings, it has come a long way till what it is today.

In recent years, Polygon has made lots of progress in almost every aspect. The bike they produce, their racing scene and the price point they have catered for all the consumers. For their mountain bikes, their breakthrough bikes are their new DH8, DH9 and their collosus N series. These bikes has indeed proved themselves with race results. Not only that, Polygon has made different breed of mountain bikes to be catered for different riders and usage.  Be it a trail bike, cross country bike, enduro bike or downhill bike, they got it all covered for their consumers. For 2017, Polygon has released a bike whereby not many brands actually make and it has created waves of hype for the mountain bike enthusiasts. The bike that Polygon has made is the Polygon Trid ZZ, a slopestyle mountain bike to take on big air with bmx style tricks. Within each category of mountain bikes, polygon has also made different configurations of them so to suit people of different needs and price point.

For the competitive scene, Polygon has been really active in the mountain bike department. With well known riders such as Sam Reynolds for their slopestyle and Mick Hannah, Tracey Hannah, Andrew Neethling for their downhill team. These are the riders who put their bikes to the test and prove what they are capable of.

Photo Courtesy of www.polygonbikes.com

As for road bikes, they have ventured out to more variations. Not only do they have high end performance road machines, they have also recently ventured out to gravel grinders and touring road bikes for the bike packers. Even for their higher end road bikes, they have made the effort to segregate them out into two series which are the endurance series and performance series so to cater to many different other riders. But of course, within each category, there is a bike to suit everyone.

Helios LT9X RED eTapmodel offers a confident and lightweight machine for a wide variety of road riding.  Photo Courtesy of www.polygonbikes.com

With technology being such a big thing in the industry, Polygon has kept up with the technology game as fast pace as many other major brands. Technologies such as disc brakes on road bikes, and special linkage designs for the full suspension only Polygon has.

With how impressive it is already mentioned above, Polygon has also made their bikes a really value for money package for everyone. For the price one is paying, the specs and kit that comes with the bike, has remained one of the most competitive throughout the years we have seen. One example of how value money their bikes can be are actually their Siskiu mountain bike series. For their full suspension Siskiu series, price actually starts from below a thousand(SGD). There aren’t actually many brands out there that are able to make a competitively specced full suspension mountain bikes under the thousand mark, and this is what Polygon they themselves have achieved for us consumers today.

With its durability and affordable price, what are you waiting for? Gather your fellow bikers down to Rodalinkshowroom at Jurong East to explore your choice of Polygon today!

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