I took part in the last event (#TOGO1050) and came in 333th, and now, I’m here.

#TOGO517 may have been over, but for these ambitious riders, the thirst for more success remains just as acute with #TOGO817 looming ever closer.

For some hopefuls, the #TOGO517 Jersey Collection Day left them star-struck, as elite finishers and achievement winners turned up to collect their sleek black finisher jerseys and certificates. Perhaps you’re wondering how you would ever be able to get on their level; perhaps you feel like you’re stuck in mediocrity, on the verge of throwing in the towel. “Just what does it take to scale greater heights?” you may wonder. These winners, having started from the bottom, know exactly how it feels and have generously shared their personal tips, in the spirit of the strong comradeship often demonstrated within Singapore’s many cycling communities.

Tania Iva Jones (Tansbag)

Achievements: Overall Champion (F), Queen of Mountain, Photosynthesis (F)

“I only started cycling last year, but I think what did the trick for me was that I wasn’t afraid to join the regulars in their more strenuous rides, and the more I cycled, the better I became. I was fortunate that I was able to easily adapt to the physical demands, but I think the best universal advice I can give to someone is: keep pedalling. I took part in the last event (#TOGO1050) and came in 333th, and now, I’m here.”

Jenny Ng (jennyng)


Achievements: Chiongster (1st Elite Challenge Finisher (F)), 2nd Overall (F)

“I actually feel that there are many talented female cyclists in the local scene, just that some are still more safety-minded, which is what I feel is hindering their emergence. As a female cyclist myself, I never had to worry whenever I cycled with my group. They’ve taken good care of the ladies, stopping to wait for them, and catering to their speed. As a result, I felt safe and comfortable, and will gladly do the same for new female cyclists in our midst. I would also advise them to join a cycling group with a female contingent. That way, it will be easier for them to settle in. I don’t see why they can’t eventually match or surpass me.”

Stephen Moore (BromptonKiwi)


Achievements: Well-Travelled, Artist, Team (M) King of Mountain

“When it comes to Strava art, be meticulous in planning so your efforts are not wasted. Sit in front of a large screen, scrutinise your route, and map it out. I never really experienced much failure because I was well-prepared. But, be prepared for certain roads that may not be accessible to the public. I remember wanting to draw a cow or a bull, but could not complete the eyes because the road was part of the Malaysian Embassy.

If you’re out for the “Well-Travelled” achievement, be spontaneous in your travels. There were occasions when I was unable to rent a bike, but I approached strangers, and even a beggar who had them and paid them to let me cycle. It’s all about seizing every opportunity.”




Now that you’ve heard from them, it’s time to act. #TOGO817 gives you the opportunity, whether you’re a novice or already a winner, to once again compete for top honours, bragging rights, new records, and an unbeatable sense of satisfaction and accomplishment as you push yourself to levels you never knew you could.

Same rules, higher stakes. 6 weeks, 817km, or 2017km for the more ambitious, on any bike, at any time, any place. The gauntlet has been thrown; how will you respond?

Take the #TOGO817 Challenge below.