NUS Bike Quest

On the night of 12 March 2011, 30 teams raced around the island on over 90 bicycles in Bike Quest 2011. Organised by the NUS Students’ Arts & Social Sciences Club, the night cycling event brought participants to checkpoints that included West Coast Park, the Singapore Zoo and Ikea Tampines.

Starting off at East Coast Park at 8pm, the 9 competitive teams and 21 leisure teams cycled through the night – they solved clues and racing to checkpoints where they played games and took photos, before returning at 6am the following morning. Teams were given points based on the time they returned and the number of checkpoints they visited. Competitive teams Team SART, CHIATS and POSQ finished in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. In the leisure category, teams Eurasia, Team Osprey and Big Boss Gang clinched the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

“The race was definitely both fun and challenging,” said Tan Congyi, 23, a member of competitive team CHIATS. “I think the organizing committee succeeded in making Bike Quest more than a muscle race to the finish line,” he said, citing the addition of the clue-books and the freedom to plan their own route. “Ultimately, I feel that it was this mix of uncertainty and problem solving along the way that kept everyone’s adrenaline high through the wee hours.


Some Bike Quest volunteers before deployment to their respective checkpoints

Participants of the Competitive and Leisure categories register and receive their Bike Quest T-shirts

Zhi Wei briefs participants in the Leisure category

Participants consult their clue books a final time before setting off

Teams setting off from East Coast

More Photos and Winners

Participants huddle at the counter as they work out their scores

Participants check out their goodie bags, which include vouchers from Frolicks and Ski 360, stickers from and, a hand towel sponsored by Hong Fong Textile Trading, NEWater provided by PUB, Insomniac, the official publication of the NUS Students’ Arts & Social Sciences Club, and a variety of snacks. Competitors also receive samples from Hammer Nutrition.

A happy team poses with their clue book and breakfast

The winning teams receive prizes from the organising committee. 1st Prize: Team SART

2nd Prize: CHIATS

3rd Prize: POSQ