Nice to “Noah” You

We were honoured to be invited to attend Ridley’s Product presentation for 2 of their flagship road bikes, Helium SL and Noah SL.
With the sponsorship of a successful Grand Tour Racing Team, Belgium’s Lotto-Belisol, Ridley has grown to be one of the most recognizable global bike manufacturers. With a Brand Direction of Go Global, Think Local, Ridley has persisted to be a stand out brand in the pro peloton. Their quirky Helium SL is testament to the Brand DNA.
Asia remains a key market for Ridley. Ridley’s support for the Malaysian Track Endurance Team is testament to that. The Malaysian team rides the Ridley Fenix, the sportive version of Ridley’s Road Machines, suggesting Ridley’s ability to Build for Glory at the most accessible price points. Richard hinted that South East Asia is an important market so we also hinted that we are keen to see more of Ridley supporting and participating in the local cycling scene. He teased us with a Why Not.
What is Ridley?
Ridley’s tagline is Builds for Glory. Although somewhat tacky, Ridley is doing exactly that. By actively listening to the consumers and the pro riders such as Andre Gripel and his fellow Lotto Belisol Racing teammates, Ridley seeks to deliver superior ownership experience across its broad product line. Few might know but Ridley is the pioneer behind the aesthetically pleasing integrated brakes that transcends form and function.
Richard Wittenburg, VP International Operations, emphasised Ridley’s commitment towards the performance segment. They will focus on all three discipline: Road, Mountain and Tri. We are happy. Companies that spread their limited resources too thinly often disappoint.
The Ridley Noah SL is a show/ride stopper. Although Richard spend a great deal of time sharing on the company strategy and history, I could not keep my attention (eyes and brains) away from the Ridley Noah SL. Richard even hinted at organizing supported randonnees in Belgium. Was I excited? Sort of but my excitement was well contained. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So here are 5,000 words. 🙂

Its proprietary F Fork and F tubing is a watt saver. Even if the claimed wattage savings might not be accessible to the Average Joe, the Noah SL can probably give you a mental edge over your fellow spandex heroes.

Who says doping is confined to syringes and pills?

In summary, look out for Ridley. On your right!