Every year, Jurong Central Community Sports Club (CSC) organises a cycling event for the Jurong Central residents to brings them together through the shared love of cycling and staying fit. However, during these uncertain times, Jurong Central CSC took a gamble that we could proudly say thoroughly paid off! This year, the event went virtual, so the Jurong residents were still able to cycle to their hearts’ content at a safe distance apart.

To keep things interesting, fun achievement badges and prizes were introduced; which allowed the participants to have fun, while also keeping them on their toes. Now, let’s get into how the event unfolded!

A Collective Effort!

These events might not seem like it, but teamwork is a crucial part of its success! After every challenge, we total the number of distance travelled as a community, emphasising the sheer greatness of our participants. For the Jurong Central Community Sports Club event, participants totaled a whopping 92,143 km together! That’s impressive, those quads must be burning up! 

If we weren’t impressed enough, this event had Finishers galore! There was a slight twist during this event for the Finisher distance. The Finisher distance was 21 km, but to gain an achievement badge, participants had to complete 2x (42 km), 4x (84 km), and 10x (210 km) the Finisher distance! Let’s have a round of applause for the winners: 257 unlocked the 21 x 2 KM achievement, 212 unlocked the 21 x 4 KM achievement, and 140 unlocked the 21 x 10 KM achievement! 

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the effort made by the majority of the community. The top 100 participants truly gave their all and went above and beyond to achieve their goals. 

Young Guns vs. Golden Oldies

During this event, we celebrated the beauty of coming together despite our differences. We set a couple of achievements, Super Senior & Super Junior, to reward the youngest and oldest overachieving cyclists! Put your hands together for yuii00yc00FB, who unlocked the Super Senior achievement by clocking 210 km within the shortest amount of time. Who said you’re past your prime?! And another round of applause for our Super Junior, Pgeharris212, who unlocked at least 8.4 km within the shortest amount of time. The future truly looks bright!

Individual Greatness Achieved!

It’s time to highlight the best of the best! We set a few individual and team achievements that were designed for the pros, The Chiongster, The Randonneur, The Chiongster Team, and The Randonneur Team achievements. Individually, and collectively (for team achievements), participants had to clock in a total of 2021 km! We were in awe at the sheer determination some of our participants had during the course of the event. 

Our TOP Rider – Irene

Let’s have a round of applause for Irene, hweet99, who is our TOP RIDER with an impressive total of 2,467 km! She was the first person to hit at least 2021 km individually, allowing her to unlock The Chiongster, The Randonneur, and over course, The Top 5 achievement! We salute your effort, Irene, and we hope you can conquer more challenges with us in the near future. We asked Irense a few questions about her winning challenge. Despite feeling motivated to achieve greatness, Irene stated it wasn’t as simple as it seemed. She explained that tyre punctures may have been a disheartening obstacle, while spotting an enormous wild boar and a snake would have been a shock! Irene also wrote that she stumbled upon the #RIDEnROLLIN Virtual Challenge by chance, while she attempted to rediscover Singapore while the country was under lockdown. Despite being diagnosed with Dengue, she was able to put a pause on her riding, and still reached the top of the leaderboard! Well, Irene, your story has inspired us all and we hope to see you top more challenges in the future!

Our #2 Rider – RMLaoang

Let’s introduce RMLaoang, our second best participant for this challenge with a total of 2,311.24 km, with an elevation of 6,536.4 m! With this stunning individual effort, RMLaoang was able to unlock The Randonneur and Top 5 achievements. He was also part of a team, WAB-SG Bravo Team, that unlocked The Randonneur Team achievement! Luckily, we had a chance to discuss this incredible feat with RMLaoang. When asked about what pushed him to ride more, he explained that the challenge was a crucial motivating factor, and that even weather conditions wouldn’t stop him from riding! He added that his team were focused on staying fit throughout the pandemic, and that the #RIDEnROLLIN challenge simply added to the motivation. He concluded by saying that he would highly recommend joining a cycling challenge as he wants to spread the joy of cycling! 

Our #3 Rider – Alvin

Say hello to SLASHER214, or Alvin, one of our Randonneurs! Alvin clocked in a total of 2,238.24 km with elevation of 2,971.4 m, which helped him secure 3rd spot on the #RIDEnROLLIN leaderboard. His efforts allowed to unlock the Randonneur, Top 5 achievements and ALL of the Finisher distance achievements! We had a chance to speak to Alvin about his journey during the #RIDEnROLLIN Virtual Challenge. Firstly, he explained that he thoroughly enjoyed the challenge as he was able to meet new cycling friends, which allowed to be more open about cycling with others. While riding with his new cycling buddies, Alvin learned new techniques, preparations, positions and even breathing techniques to help improve his cycling. He also explained that he watched the leaderboard like a hawk to check on his progress, which was one of the motivating factors for his achievements. Alvin’s dedication was second to none; one day, he rode from 12 AM to 1 PM, which unfortunately resulted in him falling down due to exhaustion. However, that didn’t stop him from pushing himself and achieving greatness in the process!

Stronger As A Team! 

This event was a great success when in terms of team efforts! 9 teams unlocked The Randonneur Team by hitting a collective 2021 km. While the first team to hit 2021 km, unlocking The Chiongster Team achievement, was WAB-SG Bravo Team! Congratulations to you all! The team gave us the opportunity to speak to them about their achievement. We asked them if the challenge helped their overall team strength, and they wholeheartedly agreed! They also added that it improved their self-discipline and patience. They continued to explain that it was their goal to gain the Chiongster Team achievement, and that they were “laser-focused” to do so right from the get-go.

Thank You For Joining Us

Overall, it was a truly successful event that pushed the Jurong Community to its limits. We’re glad to see the community achieve so much, while also having a ton of fun! We hope to see everyone back during our upcoming events, so that they can bring that same excitement and intensity with them!

Click here to view the full #RIDEnROLLIN Infographic!