With so many folding bicycles already in the market, you are probably wondering, why is the IFmove worth a mention?

IFmove has already garnered 3 distinguished awards namely the reddot design award 2013, Taipei Cycle d&I award 2013 and the Golden Pin Design Award. It is the latest incarnation from Pacific Cycles which is renowned for their ground breaking designs and commitment to R&D innovation. IFmove, which is also the first product to roll out of Section Zero, Pacific Cycle’s in-house R&D department formed a year ago, is positioned as a convenient, user-friendly bicycle for the urban commuter.

The IFmove is an updated version of the IFmode (also an award winning bicycle launched in 2009) in smaller wheels. The key personnel in Section Zero behind the the IFmode include CEO Michael Lin who founded Section Zero, engineer Kain Galliver who owns mountain bike brand Craftworks and designer Stijn Deferm, a former three time national Belgium downhill champion.

During the product launch CEO Michael Lin and designer Stijn Deferm shared that good design for a folding bicycle should aim to achieve the best compromise (mainly between folding and ride quality) and materialize into something that works. With usability factored as the highest priority, the IFmove weighs no more than 10kg and can be folded and transformed into a convenient package in less than 3 seconds.

Designed to be as narrow and compact as possible, the width between the wheels when folded measure just 250mm (see left image). The IFmove is also easy to roll on the go when folded – there is a specially designed handle that makes it easy for you to push it along as you move. A kickstand is also nicely hidden within the seat post (see image below) to balance the bike when needed.

In spite of all these nifty features, you can be assured that the ride quality is not compromised. IFmove is a high performing foldable bicycle designed for the urban commuter. I personally had a chance to briefly try out a prototype of the IFmove prior to its official launch at the Taipei Cycle Show and I can attest to the stiffness, stability and speed of the IFmove although its similarity to Cannondale’s “lefty” fork design does take some getting used to initially.

Check out how the IFmove moves and folds in the following video. Definitely the innovative solution for the urban commuter seeking a nice balance between mobility, convenience and speed.

IFmove is distributed by E-Walker.