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Established in 1968, Hup Leong started out as a small bicycle shop in Tiong Bahru. Over the years, they have managed to grow into a company that represents and distributes some of the most well-known and popular cycling brands in the world today.  Although they are most famously known for carrying and distributing the complete range of Merida bicycles, this only makes up a portion of their product range – Hup Leong also sells and distributes other bicycle frame brands and accessories.


Originating in Taiwan, Merida is now a world-class bicycle manufacturer that boasts a significant presence in about 77 countries worldwide. Their professional racing teams have been constantly winning trophies and medals with their cutting-edge racing bicycles. Some of these are Olympic gold and silver medals. The Merida range showcases a dazzling array: their lightweight road-racing bike, the Scultura, which is available in both carbon fibre and aluminium frames versions;  the Reacto, an aerodynamic road-bike range designed specifically for all-out speed and minimal wind resistance; the Cyclo Cross range featuring wider tyre clearances, slacker frame geometries for more relaxed riding and standard disc brakes that allow this bike to be surmounted in almost every type of terrain and weather.  Merida also boasts a huge range of off-road mountain bikes from hardtails to full suspension versions, with particular models designed specifically for each type of off-road terrain and race type.  Not forgetting the young ones and kids, Merida has also designed a sizable range of kids and youth bikes to suit almost any youngster’s age and size.


Crank Brothers

Pedals and hand pumps designed by Crank Brothers.

Well-established across the globe, the Eggbeater mountain bike pedals are the lightest pedals in the market today. They have been designed specifically for XC, cyclocross and road use. These unique pedals feature superior and perhaps yet-unrivaled mud shedding capabilities. Each Eggbeater pedal has a customizable float and clip release angle; they are also the only pedals in the market that feature four-sided entry for almost instantaneous clipping once your shoe comes into contact with the pedal.  There are also other types of pedals in their range with a slightly bigger platform for even more stability and added power transfer; however, these are still based around the concept of the Eggbeater design for clipping into and out of the pedal.  Crank Brothers also manufacture a big range of accessories and components such as multi tools, air pumps, seat posts and stems.



IDMatch Smart Caliper, a smart seat-measuring device that automatically measures an athlete’s ideal seat size and shape via digital sensors.

Saddles designed by Selle Italia


For about 120 years since 1897, famed bicycle saddle manufacturer Selle Italia has been plying its trade. As the leading maker of high-end bicycle saddles, Selle Italia is well-known around the world for its continuous product innovation using new construction technique and advanced materials.  Its saddles come in a variety of materials, shapes and sizes which have been carefully researched and designed to suit almost any rider and cycling style. Faced with the challenge of fitting rider to the right saddle, Selle Italia has come up with a highly advanced IDMatch system: the IDMatch Smart Caliper. It is a specially-designed smart caliper that measures the rider’s body size in just 3 easy steps. Then, it recommends the most suitable saddle for that rider.

You can give this fantastic system a try at Selle Italia’s booth at the Singapore Bike Show at the Singapore Expo.


DVF head and tail lights, design courtesy of Nite Rider.

When it comes down to cycling safety, every rider cannot do without a good set of head and tail lights. It is a well-worn and perhaps semi-said truth that the more visible you are on the road or trail, the safer you will be from oncoming vehicles and cyclists. To address the challenge of visibility effectively, Nite Rider has made a fantastic range of head- and tail- lights to suit almost every bicycle and cycling scenario. Nite Rider’s rechargeable headlights blare brilliant beacons for both off-road mountain biking and road cycling. Its off-road light models feature easy thumb switches and twin bulb designs for lighting up the darkest trails at night. The models for road cycling are more compact and much lighter for weight reduction; and for the rear, the tail lights are compact and sharp to the road and eye.

super bright tail lights are not only compact in size, but are also extremely bright, which can be very visible from a long distance away, especially critical for road cyclists to warn any incoming vehicles of their presence on the road.

So if you are heading the the Singapore Bike Show at the Singapore Expo this weekend, do check out the Hup Leong booth and give the many items and bikes that they have on display there a feel and try. Even though you cannot test-cycle the bikes at this exhibition, the awesome staff at the booths will answer any questions or queries that you may have for them.  So enjoy!

Alternatively, you may check out the company at:

Hup Leong Company

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