Home Grown bicycle company Hup Leong Co. has been serving the local market for 50 years now, since planting its roots on our local soil way back in 1968, and after accumulating five decades worth of knowledge and experience in the Local Bicycle Industry. Being the distributor for Merida bikes for many years now, Hup Leong  Co. has grown and established itself as a major local player with a couple of famous cycling brands under its belt, notably Italian saddle manufacturer Selle Italia and the American mountain bike component manufacturer Crankbrothers which is famously known for their eggbeater styled off road pedals.

Other famous brands that they also carry are Crane Creek, well known for their superb headsets, and LiteSpeed, with their wide range of titanium frames. They also have a great team of sales staff and technicians capable of providing expert advice and assistance if any customer should have any product query or encounter any problem with their bikes.

The latest addition to their stable of well known cycling brands is the Italian Bike Manufacturer, Colnago. As for the ‘announcement’, Hup Leong couldn’t have done it any better than having a huge display of impressive Colnago frames to wow the public at the recent Singapore Bike Show held at the Singapore Expo. Right in the middle of their booth’s front entrance sits a beautifully painted C64 road bike, the first thing that catches your eye is the metallic paintjob that starts with silver at the rear of the frame and then beautifully blends into a bright blue colour.

Also on display were the Colnago Concept aerodynamic frames as well as the lightweight V2-R frames, but the most outstanding frame was a pearl white Arabesque frame which had exquisitely crafted lugs that are embellished with an arabesque pattern, truly a piece of art for anyone lucky enough to own such a frame.|

Hup Leong also specially brought in a bike from Merida’s latest range of gravel bikes, labelled as the new Silex which is their latest range of gravel bikes. The model that was on display was a Silex 6000, a top of the line carbon version that was fitted out with SRAM Apex 1×11 componentry to keep the drivetrain lightweight and uncomplicated. A unique feature of this model is the cable entry points for both brake cables and the shifter cable, which enters the frame all together at the top of the downtube, making cable management very neat and tidy.

There was also a wall with a whole range of Selle Italia saddles on display, including the latest SLR Superflow saddles which features generous cutouts in the middle of the saddle for effective pressure relief and less numbness, a huge advantage especially during long rides. And if you visit their impressive shop which is conveniently located centrally in the Chinatown area, you can have yourself fitted accurately to the most suitable Selle Italia saddle according to your own body type and riding preference, which is basically a much better and smarter way to purchasing the correct saddle instead of just getting a saddle off the shelf based on other users’ recommendations and reviews.

So, if you are in need for a new bike, why not head on down to Hup Leong at 51 Chin Swee Road where they will soon be offering the latest 2019 models from Merida as well as the other latest products and components being sold there.

Check out their Booth and their Displays on the recently concluded Singapore Bike Show.