Congratulations to all participants of #TOGOSGRTI2022.

Looks like we had such an active community as we have cycled a total of 537,367 km and recorded a total of 15,767 number of rides in the challenge! It was mind blowing. During this session 9 Participants completed at least 4 RTI sessions with a minimum distance of 155km/activity and unlocked the RTIS 4 LIFE Achievement while 694 participants completed half RTI by clocking in at least 75km in a single session. What a way to showcase all their strength! 

The loops were such a thing! All loops have been visited and cycled on but Marina Bay Loop Explorer stands to be the favorite with 158 of our participants completing this loop in one session! Not missing another huge achievement 4 Cycling Kakis completed all 8 loops and have unlocked the Cartographer Achievement! Long Routes? Our community loves them! All our long routes were explored! Rower’s Bay stands as a favorite as 25 of our members cycled through the route to unlock the ROW, ROW, ROWER’S BAY achievement

Let’s talk about living a healthier lifestyle, a total of 1258 cyclists even made earth a better place by cycling during the earth hour ! Not forgetting, a total of 921 participants even cycled during the weekend and made a healthy living out of their travel. That care for the earth and their health is something impeccable that we have seen during this challenge as their passion was beyond expressible.  

Coming to the end of the challenge, our top 25 cyclists have unlocked the RTI ELITES Achievement by making best time records for 155km. 296 participants spread the word and  teamed up with 5 of their friends and unlocked the Jio Your Squad Achievement, which was a great call to positivity! Despite the blazing heat during the day we still had 91 participants which unlocked the Sun Is Fun Achievement by cycling 51% of their total distance during the day time while we also had 176 participants thats unlock the Moon Chaser Achievement by cycling 51% of their distance during the night time even though it hits dark! What a spirit ! 

The #TOGOSGRTI2022 challenge is over but doesn’t stop exploring the outdoors of Singapore. Stay up with a healthy lifestyle and stay tuned for more challenges coming up ahead like #TR22. Let’s all create new records and achievements in the next challenge and let’s see the changes and impact it would bring to all of us! For sure it’s all positive because we encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle but at the same time reward it with rewarding challenges up ahead.