The Great Southern & Australia’s Golden Outback Journey

The Great Southern is where the Southern Ocean in all its powerful beauty crashes against the dramatic cliffs and rock formations that nearly pre-date all life on earth. Turn a corner and you’ll find that it has been subdued by a beautiful cove with squeaky white sand, and the journey down south brims with dramatic coastlines, beaches, karri forests, and fine wines and gourmet food. Once you start making your way up to the Golden Outback, be prepared to be dazzled by the wondrous outback plains, huge deserts and salt lakes, rugged rocky outcrops, wild woodland, magnificent white beaches and of course the famous Wave Rock formations.

Perth’s new dining & wining scene

Many are calling Perth Australia’s new ‘hot city’ and for good reasons. The city is transforming into a bustling hub with the opening of new bars and restaurants, and among the latest include Print Hall, The Trustee Bar & Bistro, The Heritage, Bar Lafayette, Jamie’s Italian and many more – all first class venues within the CBD. Print Hall is a multi-level dining and bar venue, which houses Small Print Bakery and coffee roaster. For those pining for oriental street food, there’s The Apple Daily Bar & Eating House – so named after Hong Kong’s popular daily newspaper. And it’s just not happening in the CBD – the expansion and transformation extends into the inner-city suburbs such as Mount Lawley, Leederville and Subiaco.

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Busselton Jetty, Busselton

The Busselton Jetty holds many accolades. Besides holding the title as the longest timber jetty in the southern hemisphere, the 146-year-old jetty (measuring 1841-metres) is also described as one of Australia’s most unique eco-tourism sites and greatest artificial reef. Visitors can stroll the jetty or visit the underwater observatory and marvel at an awe inspiring vividly coloured corals, sponges, fish and invertebrates.

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Wineries, dining & local produce, Margaret River

Visit Western Australia’s premium wine region and experience one of Australia’s most extraordinary locations. Spend time at some of the award winning estates & cellar doors and have dinner at one of the many restaurants in Margaret River town, which serves a delectable selection of modern cuisine using the region’s freshest produce-grown & made locally. You’ll get to choose from berries, fudge, preserves, olive oils and a large assortment of gourmet lines.

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Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse

Australia’s mainland tallest lighthouse is located where the Southern and Indian Ocean’s meet, and is still in operation until today. The brilliant white lighthouse allows visitors the rare opportunity to take a tour of a working lighthouse that guards one of the world’s most dangerous shipping lanes. The lighthouse also provides great vantage points to view the annual migration of the humpback and southern right whales.

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Valley of the Giants, Walpole/Denmark

If you feel the need to get closer to Mother Nature, a visit to the Valley of the Giants cannot be missed. Take the chance to walk 40-metres above giant tingle trees and experience a rare opportunity of a lifetime to marvel at the forest canopies of the Walpole Wilderness. Enjoy the breathtaking view along the 600-metre walkway or go down to a meandering boardwalk that takes you through a grove of veteran tingle trees called the Ancient Empire. You can even walk through the hollowed-out butt of one tree.

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Gap and Natural Bridge, Albany

Natural Bridge is a rock formation sculptured into a bridge shape by the treacherous seas of the Southern Ocean. Not too far away lies The Gap, a 24-metre drop where the ocean rushes into a large cavern in the rocks. Wildflowers form a colourful blanket along the cliffs and whale watching is popular from the many vantage points. Don’t miss this visit.

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Tin Horse Highway, Kulin

Horse lovers, heads up. In the lead up to the annual Kulin Bush Races, Kulin locals strategically place their tin horse masterpieces in the paddocks lining a 12-kilometre stretch of road now known as “The Tin Horse Highway”. Be sure to check out the quirky collection of tin horses that are made to reflect a diverse range of themes with inventive use of materials.

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Wave Rock, Hyden

Australia is arguably Mother Nature’s favorite art canvass, as evidenced by the Wave Rock at Hyden. The shape of the wave is formed by gradual erosion of the softer rock beneath the upper edge, made over many centuries. With a span of 14-metres high and 110-metres long, the face of Wave Rock appears ready to crash onto a pre-historic surf, now frozen in time.

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Cambinatta Yabbies, Kukerin

Formed in 1990 by Mary and Michael Nenke, the couple made catching yabbies (a longtime hobby) a family business with their Cambinata’s state-of-the-art export kitchen and processing facilities. Cambinatta Yabbies is a worldwide leader in yabbie processing and marketing today.

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More information on Western Australia is available on Tourism Western Australia’s Travel website.