It’s hard to deny that riders are getting spoilt (not to be taken literally) by technology. Given the array of ‘convenient’ and energy efficient mechanics and electronics available to cyclists, getting your ideal fork or gear setting has been made much more convenient.

In an earlier article, we discussed the benefits provided by the Shimano’s new Di2 system in having electrical assistance reduce the effort of gear shifting. Here, the spotlight is cast on the new CTD (Climb, Trail, Descent) system that has been incorporated into the suspension maker’s 2013 range.

Essentially, the CTD system has been set up to allow riders to tweak their suspension settings to suit the terrain they are riding on. Gone are the days where you tweak the dial on the fork and gauge the setting vaguely by ‘feel’.

With the CTD system in the Fork and rear Shock, riders can choose between a firm low speed compression setting in Climb. When the Trail demands additional damping, simply flick the switch to the Trail setting to suit varied conditions. In Descent, the setting opens up to allow full compression in the suspension for maximum control and damping on more technical terrain and descents.

For the higher end Factory Series Fox Forks, there are three additional levels of adjustability, giving the rider more room for customization so that damping variables can be controlled to a greater degree.

And to ensure that safety and efficiency is not compromised, FOX has also developed a remote lever for easy control without the need and risk of reaching to the fork. One lever, full control.

Also new for FOX in 2013 is a new DOSS dropper post system that allows for seat height to be adjusted mechanically on the fly, allowing the rider to adapt to the terrain and maximize efficiency. The lever for the seat post control can be easily mounted on the handlebar for easy reach.

Like I said, cycling hardware is becoming so much more efficient that we can now better enjoy the actual riding without that our hardware is not adequately set-up. Ride on!