Mr Alcide Basso. 


Basso was established in 1977 at Vicenza, just 5km away from renowned bike component manufacturer, Campagnolo. Compared to their bigger counterparts, Basso chooses total control over their design, production and finish, which is why the production numbers are comparatively lower compared to bigger bicycle companies. For instance, Basso produces 12,500 frames a year and not surprisingly, 99% of them are carbon frames.

One Team: Design, manufacturing and finish

“Every detail, frame, and R & D, (is done) inside our company. It’s one team.”

Basso has 45 employees, which includes the engineers, research and development staff as well as moulding for the carbon frames.  Mr Basso mentioned that he works together with all his staff on the same floor as he feels that it improves communication and that he can be directly involved in every step of the way.

In terms of production, Basso frames are manufactured using the same quality of carbon material used for Formula 1 racing cars, motorcycles and submarines. Mr Basso emphasized that his company uses a carbon mould for the frame baking process while 95% of other suppliers/frame makers use steel moulds. The advantage of using a carbon mould is that the newly created carbon frame is that a perfect finish is achieved, without the need for grinding or sanding down the raw frame when a steel mould is used.

“We are frame maker who do not just put sticker on the body.”

Basso’s dedication at every step of the bike manufacturing process ensures that their products are not simply just bikes with the “BASSO” logo slapped on it. Every single detail, even including the paint used for their bikes, is painstakingly sourced and developed.

An upclose look at the headtube detail 

It is no ordinary paint but a special paint which is made by DuPont which weighs 100g compared to the usual 200g. This is the same type of paint which is used for Formula 1 racing cars. For weight-weenie roadies, what could be better?

“The entry level bikes to top bikes, this is the concept. (The quality checks) No difference.” 

We expect top-dollar bikes to have the best quality assurance and stringent manufacturing standards. Basso does this excellently, but not only for the flagship bike models such as the Diamante (pictured) – even the entry level bikes like the Laguna (pictured) get the same attention to detail and quality assurance. The only difference, of course, is the grade of carbon material used for each of the different models. No effort is spared to ensure every single frame and bike from Basso passes the same strict standards before it reaches the consumer.

The Basso Dimante with the latest Shimano 11-speed Dura-Ace 9000 kit

The Basso Laguna with Shimano 105 components

Our writer listens attentively as Mr Basso explains his passion for cycling

We thank the folks from Cycle Craft for giving us this invaluable opportunity to speak to Mr Basso about his passion for cycling and bikes!