Youth ambassadors from the Singapore Polytechnic Cycling Club and Officers from the Clementi Police Division

As cycling becomes an increasingly popular form of recreation here in Singapore, it comes as no surprise that the number of bicycle thefts has also gone up. In light of the current situation, “Don’t Steal My Wheels!” was naturally chosen as the theme for this year’s Delta League Community Event. The Delta League is basically a football tournament and the key platform for engaging youths to participate in a series of self-improvement and crime awareness activities. The programme which is jointly organized by the Clementi Police Division and National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) is now in its fourth year running.

This year’s community outreach event “Don’t Steal My Wheels” comprised of 9 roadshows that was set up at various locations across Jurong East, Clementi, Queenstown and Bukit Merah. Youth ambassadors from the Singapore Polytechnic Cycling Club and National Police Cadet Corps were deployed to go around these neighbourhoods to advocate bicycle theft preventive measures.

Labelling done on the underside of the bicycle frame where it is less conspicuous. This should allay concerns from hardcore bike loving owners concerned about ruining the aesthetics of their precious bike. 

The little ones got their bikes labelled as well. 

A happy member of the public with his labelled bike and new bicycle lock

Bicycle security labelling services was one of the main highlights of the event and free bicycle locks (U-locks with alarms) were also given away for each bicycle labelled. The bicycle security labels that bear both the NCPC and the Singapore Police Force logos each contain a unique set of numbers for easy identification of the bicycles. The tamper proof labels are specially produced with security features so they cannot be easily replicated making it a useful reference for identifying in the event where bicycle owners file a report for theft. The youth ambassadors also went around conducting Bicycle Crime Risk Survey and distributing Crime Prevention Advisories to educate the public on preventive measures to stop bicycle theft.

At Ghim Moh Market, one of the 9 locations for the roadshows.