#togo517 Team Winner: CCK Cyclists


#TOGO517 was certainly a new experience to many a rider, but it also debuted tweaks and improvements on our end, too.

For one, we became more focused on the team aspect of the challenge with the intent of catering to the growing number of cyclists signing up together as a team. This adds a new dimension that stresses on teamwork whilst giving groups the opportunity to bond over the challenge.

A strong, collective focus on the prize ahead…

The new achievements were welcomed by several cycling groups, one of which is CCK Cyclists, the inaugural team winner of the #TOGO517 General Classification. “I believe the Togoparts team made a good move to include team classification achievements. This motivated us to sign up together as a team, riding under the CCK Cyclists family. In all honesty, regardless of whether we have won or not, we have forged even greater bonds together than ever before,” said Kenneth Sim, one of the leaders of the group.

…complemented with an unbreakable camaraderie.

The move proved popular, with many requesting for even more team categories. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce a more refined team challenge for the upcoming #TOGO817. The first major adjustment would be the removal of a gender-specific team achievement, which means that there will be no requirements on how many male or female riders each group has to consist of, and achievements like “King/Queen of Mountain” will be merged into one, too.

Next comes the hotly anticipated new team categories! Previously, we’ve only had the General Classification and Mountain achievements, so this time, we have widened the scope to include: Chiongster, Saddle Sore, Hour Record, Night Owl, Twilight, and Photosynthesis, ensuring that teams will have a wider range of objectives to work for. Many cycling groups in Singapore are known to be close-knitted and competitive, so be sure to expect a fight on your hands as they inch ever closer to these new achievements.

Burning up the tarmac from East to West.

Planning ahead, CCK Cyclists already have their sights set on #TOGO817, where they will be looking to accomplish even more, be it for achievements or for personal goals. “Our collective objectives for #TOGO817 are simple: we will focus on individual goals, such as performances, as well as helping to push each other to achieve theirs, such as weight loss and such. We’re not stressing on awards this time, but we will definitely keep an eye on them,” Kenneth added.

A well-deserved winner’s toast.

Make no mistake, although #TOGO517’s winning team is playing down its ambitions, the hunger for accolades is innate; there is even a slogan created just for their #TOGO X Challenges: “Pain is temporary. Glory is forever.” But, they are not alone; many other groups lurking about, waiting for a chance to strike. #TOGO817 promises a nail-biting contest between the best teams, will yours emerge victorious?


Sign up for #TOGO817 today by clicking on the link below.