We hope you had a wonderful time during the holiday season because we definitely did when we saw our total distance travelled during the #TOGOFESTIVE100 Challenge. 

We completed a total of 293,595 km together as a community. To put that into perspective, New Zealand has a total area of around 270,000 square km, so we’ve managed to travel to New Zealand from our home countries, cover the entire country, and travel back again with some distance to spare.

Bringing The Christmas Spirit

Christmas is a time of festivities and gratefulness but that doesn’t mean we should be lazing about on our couches sipping eggnog and munching on turkey all day. While most people would be spending time at home or hanging around shopping malls during Christmas Day, 186 cyclists and 49 runners decided to be productive and went for their workouts instead. We’re so glad you decided that the holidays could not stop you from keeping up with your health goals.

Festive Club Champions

Angels are seen as God’s messengers and true to their namesake, Team Snow Angels, like messengers who travel great distances to deliver their messages, managed to clock in the furthest total distance among all the other teams during the #TOGOFESTIVE100 Challenge. The members of Club Snow Angel managed to record a total distance of 65,930.45 km, giving them an exponential lead ahead of the runner ups behind them.

Don’t Be Mean, Get The Vaccine

Running and cycling outdoors exposes us to the virus, especially if we’re doing it in a crowded area with different people from who knows where, so it’s important to keep ourselves and others safe as well. Make the place you exercise a safer place for others when you get vaccinated because you could be an asymptomatic carrier as well. 770 of our participants were not mean and got the vaccine, taking precautions to make sure we do not become infectors or infected.

Perfection In Repetition

We’re so glad that so many of you came back again for another round of the #TOGOFESTIVE100 Challenge. To prove the fact that we’re grateful, we decided to award you for your loyalty with “The Repeater” achievement. 844 participants who joined this challenge in both 2020 and 2021 are receivers of this achievement. Let’s make this part of our ritual to celebrate the holiday season with a spot of exercise.

Multitasking Towards the Finish Line

Multitaskers are a peculiar species, being able to carry out multiple tasks at once while making little to no mistakes. 181 of you who received the “Eggnog” achievement showed us the meaning of being a ‘Jack of all trades’. It’s always good to have people who are willing to take part in both cycling and running because these are the people who ensure that cycling and running are not mutually exclusive communities but one big community whose goal is to create a healthier lifestyle.

The Elites

Passion For The Pedals

Imagine driving down the highway at 100 km/h, you will reach your destination that’s 100 km away in one hour. But what if you’re doing it on a bike? You will probably never match that speed in your life unless you’re hooked onto a car speeding down the highway. An average cyclist can manage around 20 km/h to 25 km/h depending on training and gender, so for the 277 who clocked in 100 km in one session for at least one activity means that they spent anywhere between 4 to 5 hours cycling that day! What a way to spend your day, zipping around on two wheels just enjoying the breeze on your face.

Consistency Is Key

Events and activities are the foundation of our community but the cyclists and runners are the bricks that build the walls. We are always grateful for the adventurous and active because they are the ones who always challenge themselves by joining our events and activities. And 13 of you fit this bill, recording at least one activity per day which means they managed to keep their streak of 23 continuous days of activity.

Blazing Finishers

What an end to the holiday season for the 144 participants who not only completed the challenge but clocked in over 5 times the finisher distance. These are the people who spend most of the holiday month on 2 wheels. It’s really awesome to see such passion among members of this community. We hope to see more people achieve such distances in future events to say that we are not just hobbyists but athletes in our own right.

Sharing Is Caring

Every dollar donated makes a big difference in supporting The Salvation Army Singapore to help the needy and vulnerable in the community. Your donation will make an impact on their lives and give them hope for a better tomorrow. 

We hope that you will find joy in knowing that every bit of your contribution is helpful, and encourage you to rope in your family and friends to share the same joy. So with the help of our participants during the #TOGOFESTIVE100, we managed to raise and donate S$1150 to The Salvation Army in their efforts to provide the less fortunate community in Singapore a better life.

The #TOGOFESTIVE100 Challenge might be over but the year has barely just begun. Why not start the year with a journey through the seasons and you may even experience new things while on a ride. #TOGORIDE2022 is here to bring you 2022’s challenge for the year, cycle through 4 different seasons and receive cool achievements and rewards.