To celebrate TogoParts’ 2-decade milestone, we held the #TOGO20A Celebration Ride Challenge as a way to bring cyclists together and appreciate what we have achieved since the formation of this community 20 years ago. We present to you the 6 outstanding achievements from the challenge.

#1 Together, We Go Further.

The 1,212 cyclists who participated in #TOGO20A managed to cycle a whopping total distance of 450,260 km within the challenge period. To put that in perspective, we have managed to cycle to the moon and a sixth of the way back. That is a long way to cycle.

#2 We’ll Be Here for the Next 20 Years!

This community should be proud that the next generation of cyclists is already starting to bloom. 66 participants have gotten the “A Hamster for The Little One” achievement and that proves to us that we are instilling the right values in our little ones as we raise them to be the ones to carry our torches. 

We are confident that we will still be going strong when they become the next generation in this cycling community because 15 child participants clocked in at least 112 km, meeting the goal of the challenge while proving their prowess as cyclists among the adults.

#3 The Man, The Myth, The Legend.

What a thing to achieve! Only one participant managed to unlock the achievement. By completing 4 unique missions of charting at least 20 km during the Challenge, spending at least $20, taking on a minimum of 20 challenges, and getting at least 20 likes in the Challenge Gallery, Eaughi, has cemented himself as “The Ultimate Challenger.” 

Eaughi joined the #TOGO20A Challenge as a personal dare to form a habit of cycling every day. He said, “The challenge helped me to push myself to cycle regularly towards the goal of achieving both the finisher and the Randonneur Finisher achievements.”

#4 Prevention Is Better Than Cure

With the pandemic prevalent in so many places, it’s good to see that 714 participants took the initiative to upload their vaccination record that earned them the “I’m Immune” achievement. To those 714 participants, we hope you enjoy the 10% discount on all rewards. 

It is always good to see the community taking preventive steps to stand against the virus to lessen the burden on the frontliners.

#5 The Strongest Among the Strong

We bring good news to the registrants of 2021, you have made yourselves the greatest cohort on the leaderboard so far, handing out total domination of the other cohorts with a total distance of over 240,000 km, which is 4 times the total distance covered by the runner-ups. 

With such a performance, we are thrilled to present to you the “Cohort Champions” achievement to signify your contribution to your cohort of 2021. We hope that future cohorts can gain this amount of momentum to put up a good fight as well.

#6 Welcome to the Elite Challengers’ Club

Randonneur Finisher
Riding at least 112 km to complete the Challenge is no small task but to go the extra mile to finish with over 1112 km is an accomplishment that only 79 participants can boast about unlocking the “Randonneur Finisher” achievement to their peers. 

Twenty in a Row
This is what you call consistency! Props to the 15 participants who managed to unlock this achievement by cycling 20 km per day for 20 consecutive days, they truly have a passion for cycling and can prove it with this badge! 

One of the participants, Afidah, told us that it took pure determination and commitment together with her partner and her team to earn the “Twenty in a Row” achievement. She said thatThe sense of achievement to have this reflected on our profile is definitely priceless!

Wah Lau
Call these participants excited because the first thing they did when they signed up for this challenge was to cycle for more than 112 km on the first day. The “Wah Lau” achievement truly describes their enthusiasm. For these 15, this event was more of a daily workout than a challenge.

Some cyclists call the round island ride an achievement, but for a small percentage of the cycling community, one ride around the island is just not enough. And for 15 of the participants, this was just the case, earning themselves the “RTI X2” achievement for doing at least 2 round island rides.

So what now? The #TOGO20A might be over but if you still have the fire burning in your eyes and the fury in your legs, you can try out the next event, #TOGOFESTIVE100 which has just begun but fret not, the registration date only ends on the 3rd of January at 23:59 GMT+8.