Fact #1 – Togoparts first-ever virtual cycling challenge in Malaysia!

#TOGOMY57 marks the first virtual cycling challenge by Togoparts.com. 646 cyclists signed up to cover a total of 57,000km as a show of unity and to celebrate the 57th year since the establishment of Malaysia. All of the participants cycled almost three times more than the initial target of 57,000km. Breaking the 150k mark with a total of 153,323km clocked during the challenge period. That’s a 113 times round trip to and fro Penang from Johor!


Fact #2 – Participants from all over the world signed up for #TOGOMY57!

With the progression of technology, information can be obtained by just a click of a button. Thanks to the ease of signing up for #TOGOMY57 and the way the event was structured, riders from all over the world could undertake the challenge without cross-border and time-zone limitations. 

There were a good handful of overseas participants. On record, a total of 243 participants were non-Malaysians. 237 of them were from Singapore. The remaining 6 participants came from the Philippines, Indonesia and Hong Kong. 


Fact #3 – For every 10 participants, 7 completed the challenge!

464 out of 634 participants completed the challenge within the stipulated time and was handed eternal glory for being a part of the first-ever Togoparts challenge in Malaysia. Percentage-wise, 73% of participants clocked a minimum of 57km within a month and overcame the challenge. Words cannot describe how amazing our #TOGOMY57 cyclists are. 


Fact # 4 – Participants who were aged 60 and above completed the challenge!

18 participants aged 60 and above were finishers of #TOGOMY57. Looking at the accomplishment of these participants brings great encouragement and motivation. One of the most commendable participants is 66-year-old Toh Chee Tiong. He managed to clock a total of 402.41km in 10 rides during the challenge. Toh single-handedly accumulated a distance that could take him to Penang from Selangor with KMs to spare!


Fact #5 – The Agudilla conquered the leaderboard!

The top 3 participants on the leaderboard all came from the same family. With Neil Agudilla (Dianne’s baby brother-in-law) as the top male finisher and Dianne Agudilla (on the right) as the top female finisher. Dianne’s husband, Christian Agudilla (on the left) came in third in the #TOGOMY57 challenge. The three of them clocked more than 6600km in 4 weeks! 

If you use the 400m running track to illustrate the efforts used to peddle over a distance of 6600km, you’ll find out that one has to cycle approximately 165,000 rounds to complete the distance. Needless to say, the title “Power Family” goes to the Agudilla! 


Fact #6 – The challenge can be completed in an hour!

Zul is the fastest rider to complete the challenge with a total of 94.62km clocked in 01:06:56! He not only completed the challenge in record time but added on an additional 37.62km on his first ride of the challenge. This is a testament to how we can achieve anything if we were to push our limits and believe in ourselves.


Fact #7 – Participants aged 18 and below completed the challenge! 

Trying to juggle school and exercise is not exactly easy but these 26 young riders did it. The total distance clocked by them is an astounding 2,621.8km. A P5 student, Saumil (on the right) completed the challenge with 110.19km while 15-year-old Azmi braved bad weather conditions and finished the challenge with just two rides! 

Young Jeanne (on the left) described her experience as a roller-coaster ride. It was hard for Jeanne to find a balance between her studies and cycling, but she came out victorious. Said Jeanne: “This is a great experience especially during this pandemic because it proves that we can always push through no matter how challenging the situation is.” 


Fact #8 – The longest distance covered in a single ride was 162.3km!

Neil Agudilla is not only the top on the leader board but also the only participant to unlock the Saddle Sore achievement. He covered more than 160km in a single ride and clocked 2,310.49km in 37 rides during the challenge. In one sitting, Neil completed the challenge with an additional 105.3km. The distance he accumulated in a single ride is directly equivalent to riding around the entire country of Singapore. “It was a really good experience for all of us cycopaths to keep moving forward and push our self-limit. Looking forward to your next and future events!” –Neil


Fact #9 – 78 participants unlocked The Randonneur achievement! 

Hats off to all the Randonneur achievers of #TOGOMY57. 557km may not seem like much, but make no mistake, 557km is no small feat. One could trash the train ticket and get a return trip from Johor to Malacca twice with 125km to spare.

One of the amazing Randonneurs is Te Maan (on the right). He extended the challenge to make it into a bike tour of around 900km around the northern parts of Malaysia as part of his 55th birthday. “Cycling is a means to keep fit and healthy whilst exploring the world”Rashid


Fact #10 – Togoparts’ first State Champions of Malaysia crowned!

The State Champion achievement goes to CBJ Cycling (Selangor), Golden Bike (Malacca), and Softleg Club (Johor). 

CBJ Cycling, the proud representatives of Selangor is the champion of champions with the highest average distance of 607.92km clocked per member during the challenge period. The team members consist of Jon, Mary, Rafael, Marian, Joulibee and Jed. Together, they’ve accumulated a whopping 3467.53km in 4 weeks! 



That’s a wrap for Malaysia’s first-ever virtual cycling challenge by Togoparts. Didn’t get to join or still itching for more? No Worries! Indonesia’s first-ever cycling event by Togoparts starts on 23 Oct 2020. Don’t miss out again! Register and join #SEMANGAT28 now.