Thin Bike by Roger Rodriguez Bodi (RRB estudi d’arquitectura) from Spain

Thin Bike is a light racing bike with frame tubings as thin as one centimeter in diameter, made possible thanks to the locked solid cyclinder profile structure which creates triangular geometries.

2013 IBDC

The 2013 International bicycle design competition (IBDC), which is in its 17th year running, received a total of 590 concepts from students and young designers. Out of these 590 entries, 391 from 45 countries were shortlisted for the competition. The entries are accessed by an international panel of experts that include Edward Chiang, director of design for Giant Bicycle, founder of PROCESS, a branding and design agency, and Ishigaki Tetsuya, head of TOYO FRAME, a Japanese bicycle frame manufacturer. The competition is organized by IF DESIGN TALENTS and supported by the Taiwan Cycling and Health Tech Industry R&D Center (CHC) and sponsored by the Taiwan Department of Industrial Technology, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.  Here are some of the prize winning entries that were on display at the 2013 Taipei International Cycle Show.


This wind-powered bicycle LED headlight utilizes head-on wind while the bike is in motion to generate electricity as a source of energy for the LED headlight. The electricity is saved and stored in 3xAAA rechargeable batteries and can be used to power a small fan when the cyclist stops at traffic lights.


This bike offers two riding styles – fixed-gear and single-speed. To achieve this concept, the bike’s top tube and seat stays are replaced by thinner steel bars: there is a special rear hub that can turn into two modes, single speed freewheel or single cog; and the seat is also designed to be removed or assembled quickly for adjusting the way of riding the user prefers.


DrinLock is the ultimate bicycle accesory that is a combination of a lock and water bottle holder. The drink holder can be easily converted into a bicycle lock or returned to its original state function as a drink holder held together by its tightrope spring structure. Simple and yet novel.

This child seat is light yet sturdy. The frame of the seat is made of fiber-glass reinforced polypropylene. The cushion is a 3d-mesh that is soft and protective at the same which can easily be removed from the frame. In case of a sudden stop, the child is held back by a five point safety belt and the construction of the frame protects the child’s head in an ideal way. The porter can be easily converted into a luggage rack if the child seat is not needed.


Information & Images: IBDC