Fact #1 –  1,033,642 KM! New record set for any single challenge so far!

#TOGOSG55 has set an unprecedented record for Togoparts this year. A whopping 3,478 individuals signed up to attempt 550,000km in 4 weeks. Singaporeans cycled almost two times more than the targeted 550,000 KM as a community. Hitting 1 million KM with a total of 1,033,540km clocked during the challenge period. That’s a 316 times round trip to and fro Thailand from Singapore!


Fact #2 –  For every 10 participants, there were 8 finishers!

2,908 out of 3,477 participants completed the challenge within the stipulated time and got their bragging rights for being a part of the record-breaking #TOGOSG55 challenge. Percentage-wise, 83% of the participants overcame the challenge by riding 55km within a month. We could not be more proud of all our amazing #TOGOSG55 riders.


Fact #3 –  106 participants clocked in more than 1,000km in 4 weeks!

1,000km may seem to be not that great of a distance, but it’s actually 8 circles around Singapore for each participant. 106 amazing #TOGOSG55 participants cycled approximately 848 times around an entire country in just a 4 weeks timeframe. It is evident how tough Singaporeans can be, physically and mentally. Pushing ahead while celebrating the 55th year of independence together. 


Fact #4 –  The top male finisher clocked more than 5,200km in 4 weeks!

Awe-inspiring is an understating adjective to describe Allan Yeo (on the right), the top male finisher who peddled a total distance of 5,298.96km. That’s enough distance to get him to China with more than 1,000km to spare. It is highly probable that a 58-years-old Allan Yeo would be able to peddle into China’s ground in less than a month. That is if he doesn’t get stuck in customs. 

All jokes aside, the fact that Allan managed to clock a distance of more than 5200km is testament to how we can achieve anything if we were to push our limits and believe in ourselves. 

“This is the 10th time participating in the Togoparts cycling challenge and I am glad to achieve the top position for this #TOGOSG55 challenge. Cheers to all participants, keep on cycling!” —uncletamiya


Fact #5 –  The top female finisher clocked more than 3,000km in 4 weeks!

Tania Iva-Jones aka SlothyJo, the top female finisher of both indoors and outdoors categories. “Sloth” may be part of her username but Tania is no sloth. She completed a total of 1,957.29km outdoors and 1,115.60km indoors! 

Tania just started cycling 4 years ago and has already bagged multiple achievements such as “Queen of Mountain”, “Photosynthesis”, “Top 10 finisher”, “The Randonneur” and many more. I can’t think of a better representation of beauty than a woman who’s unafraid to come out victorious. 


Fact #6 –  1,013 Nation Builders contributed to the first accumulated 55,000 KM!

With their hearts as one, 1013 participants rode on strong and clocked in the first 55,000km together. We call them the nation builders as they are the front liners of #TOGOSG55. The mileage covered by the nation builders kick-started our journey to 1 million KM!


Fact #7 –  18 finishers aged 65 and above completed the challenge with 150km!

The increment of senior-citizen riders in this year’s challenge is striking. On record, there were 18 participants with ages 65 and above. Looking at the achievements of these participants brings great encouragement and motivation. 72-years-old Sukor clocked a total of 666km and unlocked not only The Randonneur achievement but also the SG55 Chiongster achievement. Sukor was one of the fastest finishers who completed 150km. To say that he’s awesome is an understatement.  


Fact #8 – The longest distance covered in a single riding session was 323.3km!

Thomas Ng, the man who covered more than 320km in a single ride. Despite starting 2 days late in clocking the distance and ending days earlier due to work commitments, Thomas is the second on the leaderboard with a total distance of 4,028km. In one sitting, Thomas completed the challenge with an additional 268.3km. The distance he clocked is directly equivalent to more than 800 rounds on a 400m running track. Thomas was content with this challenge, he said, “It was a good experience overall and I’m happy with the achievements. Thank you Togopart for organising this great challenge event.” 


Fact #9 – 1,727 participants unlocked The Randonneur achievement!

Clocking 550km may seem like a piece of cake, but make no mistake, 550km is no small feat. One of your fellow cyclists, Jerald aka JK, persevered through gruelling burns, pains and aches from prolonged cycling just to clock in 550km. The sexy uncle in tights could not be more proud of his achievement. “The last 35+km was accomplished on a Sunday morning, believe it or not, I woke up at 5 am just to cycle! Couldn’t remember the last time I woke up in time for sunrise and gosh that was special.” —JK


Fact #10 – 55km is less than a day’s ride!

Syafiq and his wife were moving from Changi to Woodlands. When all was done, they realised the only form of transportation available to their new house was their bicycles. Riding from Changi to Woodland, they managed to clocked 55km right away.  According to Syafiq, “It was great fun, exploring new routes and of course clocking in 55km with a purpose!”


All in all, #TOGOSG55 was a marvellous run. Didn’t get to join or haven’t had enough? Don’t miss out on next year’s edition of Singapore’s Independence Day challenge. 

In the meanwhile, join our first-ever year-long cycling challenge, #TOGORide2020 and get your limited edition commemorative #CYCLODARITY Tee. Season 3 starts on 28 Sept 2020.