As Singapore turns 56, our 3986 strong participants have once more made the country proud through Togoparts’ yearly National Day challenge. Here are 10 praiseworthy accomplishments achieved by our incredible participants throughout the #TOGOSG56 Challenge. 

#1 Hip Hip Hooray! More than 1 Million KMs clocked, AGAIN!

39 days, 23 hours, 59 minutes, and we’ve done it! We have once again clocked in more than 1 million KMs as the nation in celebration of Singapore’s 56th birthday. The combined distance of all our wonderful participants was a whopping 1,124,404km with a total of 40,602 activities recorded and 3120 Finishers! What’s more? 2644 strong participants contributed to the first 560,000km in record time.

One of our participants, Markim shared that this was his first time to join and finish a national challenge. “It was indeed a very rewarding experience as I was able to discover more of my strength and having fun at the same time. CHEERS TO #TOGOSG56. Congratulations to all participants!

#2 Cheers to the Lend a Hand achievement unlockers!

17 of our kind participants donated at least $1 to help the beneficiaries under the President’s Challenge and unlocked the Lend a Hand achievement. They are not only helping to support the lower-income families but also making a difference by empowering lives through their donations. For all those singles out there whose ideal type is a generous person, click here

#3 Who prefers running? They do!

558 out of 3983 participants unlocked the I Don’t Know How to Cycle achievement by completing at least 5.6km of running WITHOUT participating in any cycling activities during the entire challenge period. Talk about dedication and love for running; a big hand of applause to the runners in our Togopart family. 

#4 Beep Beep: Identifying all the cycling lovers in the challenge

Some enjoy cycling and some ONLY love cycling. These 861 participants are head over heels for cycling. Throughout the challenge, they never once participated in any running activities. These cycling lovers completed at least 56km of cycling and were successful in unlocking the I Hate to Run achievement. Meet Catherinewls, your fellow cycling lover. Catherine shared that “The whole journey was enjoyable and fun with family and friends. Early morning ride in cold air to see the sunrise is just awesome. It was fun and stress-free!“,

#5 Let’s welcome the collectors and party planners of the family!

There’s quite a number of collectors in the family. A total of 138 participants had it all. They bought all of #TOGOSG56 Finisher Rewards and unlocked The Collector achievement. Furthermore, 31 participants were named The Party Planners of the family. Party Planners are those outgoing, persuasive ones who like to share their joy with their loved ones. 

#6 Supreme Parent-child combos of #TOGOSG56

They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and these parent-child combos are a testament to that. For mohammed-81, the #TOGOSG56 challenge was his first with his adorable 4-year-old. He could not be more proud of her achievement. Mohammed shared that his little one was elated and is looking forward to receiving her Junior Medal! 

#7 Attn: Elites of #TOGOS56. Job well done!

Randonneur Finisher

It is mind-blowing that 634 participants completed more than 560km during the challenge. Imagine 1400 rounds on a 400m running track. What a jaw-dropping achievement. When sridayal sign up for #TOGOSG56, he had no kaki to cycle with. Before the start of the challenge, he joined a cycling group and met a person who inspired him with his daily 100km rides. Now, sridayal no longer needs to cycle alone and he has certainly outdone himself; unlocking the Randonneur Finisher achievement and more on his very first challenge with us!

Round Island Riders

Have you ever ridden or run around a whole country? Well, they have. 100 of them circled the whole country of Singapore in a SINGLE activity and unlocked the Round Island Riders achievement. sueisz1207 shared that the #TOGOSG56 challenge really pulled her out of her comfort zone. “Never have I ever think of doing a round island challenge or cycling for 10 straight days. But I’m glad and happy I joined this challenge. The support from family and my teammates are endless. Hope to be part of this challenge again!”


Let’s hear it for the duathletes of the family. 88 participants unlocked The Duathlete achievement by cycling at least 50 km and running at least 6km in one session within the same day! Afidah, was one of our proud duathletes; in this challenge, she unlocked a total of 20 achievements! She shared that “This was my 1st Togo event and it unleashed many new milestones for me! The different achievements available within the challenge gave it more boost!

Gym Rats

No one wants to be called a rat, but Gym Rats? Yes, please. 130 of #TOGOSG56 participants unlocked the Gym Rats achievement by cycling or running at least 5.6km in 10 consecutive days. Gym Rats are truly inspiring as it takes a strong will and discipline to be able to unlock this achievement. 

Ultra Cyclist and Runners

197 participants obtained the Ultra Cyclist title by clocking in at least 153km in a single session while 17 participants were named Ultra Runners for running more than 56km in a single session.

Chiongsters of the Family

Curious about the Chiongsters of the challenge? In #TOGOSG56, there are Chiongsters on bikes and Chiongsters on foot. 63 Chiongsters on bikes completed 256km while 14 Chiongsters on legs completed 56km within the first five days of the challenge. Does this motivate you to Chiong as well? Lets!

#8 And the first-ever District Champion goes to…District 19!

This is no Hunger Games but it is a competition and District 19 has emerged as Champion! In this #TOGOSG56 challenge, 2736 participants joined their districts and have unlocked the district challenger achievement. Out of all the participants, 640 riders from District 19 – Punggol, Sengkang, Serangoon Gardens were crowned our First-Ever District Champion. Congratulations District 19! 

#9  The unconventional yet astonishing members of the family 

Night owls and last-minute challengers, we see you. From this challenge, we now know that there are 1584 Night Owls and 17 Better Late than Never achievement unlockers. 

Characteristics of Night owls: Likes cycling at night, cycled at least 56km during night time, active when it gets dark. 

Characteristics of Last minute challengers: Better Late than never mindset, completed the finisher distance (56km) on the last 5 days of the challenge. 

#10 The True Blue Singaporeans, Sennheiser Explorers, and Flag Wavers.

1513 participants have shown that they are True Blue Singaporeans as they recorded at least 5.6km of running or cycling during the National Day. 204 Sennheiser Explorers completed 5.6km of cycling or running as a Sennheiser INSIDER and 92 Flag Wavers updated their Facebook profile picture with the #TOGOSF56 FB Profile Picture Frame. 

All in all, this was a memorable challenge because of all the superb #TOGOSG56 participants. Once and once again you have outdone yourself. 

Are you itching for more? Why not join #TOGOMY58 and celebrate the 58th Malaysia Day with your fellow Malaysian riders and runners. The challenge has started but registrations are still ongoing. Don’t miss out and sign up before it’s too late! Registration ends on 13 September 2021 (23:59).