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Start Dirt Crunching with these Mountain Bikes under $1500

Mountain biking is different from road biking in the sense of the word – the rugged trails. Whether you are a beginner mountain biker or switching disciplines, you’d want the best bang for your buck with a good performance bike.

We have tested 3 entry-level mountain bikes that you can buy in Singapore bike shops around the $1500 range. The ingredients that went into our selection include quality of components and frame versus the dollar value, their performance and their ability to tackle the very terrain these bikes were built for: the trails.

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Ease Your Rides with the Oyama Pro Dazzle-M990HD Folding Bike From Woop+

With 50 years of bike manufacturing experience under its belt, Oyama is certainly worth your buck. The Oyama Pro Dazzle-M990HD is designed for compact foldable action: it sports a 20” Alloy Frame with LM3 joint foldable in the centre of the stem with a Spherical Rolling (SR) joint. Its size when folded is a mere L 84 cm x W 36 cm x H 62 cm to conveniently tuck in a small corner of your home or office. A clean white frame with the “Oyama” brand printed on, neatly complements its black componentry.

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Product Review: Tsinova TS01 (LTA Approved e-Bike)

Perhaps to most, e-bikes are generally perceived as two-dimensional contraptions whose sole function is to provide electronic assistance to the struggling rider, or one who prefers a more effortless ride. A battery attached to the bike frame drives the motor attached to the rear wheel which in turn powers the pedal. It is a relatively basic concept with no two ways about it.

It would therefore seem slightly futuristic to comprehend a smart e-bike that has almost all its functions controllable from literally the tips of your fingers, a smartphone app, to be exact, where functions from lights to speed control can be managed by a swipe or a single touch.

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Bike Review: Custom Guerciotti Alero S

Guerciotti is an Italian bike brand that may not be on the lips of many an Average Joe rider here in Singapore, but to old hands in the road bike scene, it is well-known for its products that have been meticulously engineered and designed to the highest standards. The Alero S (an emphasis on theS, which stands for Sport, a breakaway from catering to hardcore cyclists, instead focusing on casual weekend warriors who are still intent on blazing the tarmac) might not be as top-of-the-line as its Eclipse counterparts, but make no mistake, it is definitely not lacking in the way it takes on the road.

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Urban Chic – it’s Hip to Fold!

Folding bicycles, or simply Foldies, are all the rage nowadays! Since its steady inception into the local market about three to four years ago, more cyclists have taken an interest in riding folding bikes, discarding their prized mountain-climbing rigs and road racing gizmos to make space for the smaller-sized two-wheeler (well, in fact, many sold them away online at a third of their original prices).
Folding bicycles, or simply Foldies, are all the rage nowadays!

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The Penny Farthing

If you think you are a worldly-wise cyclist who has ridden and conquered every type of bicycle, then you may be quite wrong. When bike-themed cafe Wheeler’s Yard knocked on the doors of Togoparts with a Penny Farthing, many of the cycling veterans in the office were ensnared by the bike’s peculiar design and.. ah-hem.. wheel sizes.

You see, the Penny Farthing is not your regular kind of bicycle. The Penny Farthing is a special breed of two-wheeler that is characterised with a large front wheel, a very small rear wheel and a “moustache” handlebar. Conceived and introduced in 1869 by Frenchman Eugene Meyer, the Penny Farthing – also known as a high wheel and high wheeler – can be a daunting ride to some, due to its high riding position and the likely risk of crashing head-first when the front wheel strikes a rock or road kerb.

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