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Go Compact & Sleek with Urban Bike’s PFA-2 Floor Stand Pump

Urban Bike’s Floor Stand Pump PFA-2 comes in a silver aluminum stem with a dark wood base polished to a high degree. Fitting 12″ -29″ bicycles, it combines both pump and display stand functions and is fitted with triple valves – allowing for Schrader, Presta and Dunlop valves in one kit. Its wooden handle is smoothly carved and gives you a comfortable grip as you fill up your tyres with the PFA-2’s 260 psi pump.

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Quad Lock: Quadruple the Security

This actually happened to me not too long ago – I was cycling along the West Coast stretch with my phone securely clipped onto my bike mount, or so I had thought. Moments later, I traversed a particularly rough section of road that had been ravaged by monstrous heavy duty vehicles that frequent this route every morning. In a blink of an eye, my phone had vanished. I had to backtrack, against the traffic

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Product Review: Steve & Leif Magnetic Bicycle Trainer

There will always be a debate between stationary bicycle trainers and rollers, one of which being their respective effectiveness. Many claim stationary trainers aren’t so because they do not simulate actual road conditions where one has to maintain the bike’s balance; the trainer basically keeps the bike in a permanent state of stability.

This debate is probably for another article, but for those unfamiliar with bike trainers, they are indoor cycling simulators that you would hook up your own bike with. Trainers are especially useful for anyone seeking to clock additional mileage, but is unable to do so due to circumstances like time constraints or wet weather. With indoor trainers, you’re able to schedule a ride at any time, cycling as long as you need to.

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Product Review: 7iDP M1 Helmet

In almost everything we do these days, safety is of paramount importance, whether you are waiting to board the train or bus to work or school, or even you are a pedestrian walking along the pavement, having a good sense of safety plays an important part in keeping us from harm’s way so that we can all get back home to our loved ones safely at the end of the day. As the hub of our nervous system, the head is probably the most critical part of our body to protect, as head injuries may adversely impact the rest of our bodies as well. Having adequate head protection whilst you’re cycling may seem like a fashion faux pas to some, but victims of these injuries would certainly beg to disagree. To alleviate this, helmet manufacturers are starting to place great importance into the design and aesthetics of helmets to make them look seriously cool with a whole variety of colours and paintjob designs to suit almost every rider’s taste and fancy.

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Fulcrum Racing Zero

Wheelsets, some says that they make the most difference in your ride. Do they? This is where we find out about the Fulcrum Racing Zero wheelset. Fulcrum Racing Zero is at the higher end spectrum aluminium road wheelset that Fulcrum they themselves have to offer.

Yes it may seem like a pretty hefty sum to pay for a aluminium wheelset. However it does have its merits in the weight department due to the fact that it is actually lighter than some of the carbon wheelset range fulcrum has to offer, coming in only at a weight of approximately 1520 grams. With weight, they too topped it off with an aerodynamic edge despite being a pretty shallow wheelset, it comes with straight pull aero spokes.

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