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All Things Bicycle and Its Electric Counterparts

Traditionally, most of us have known the ordinary bicycle and owned one ourselves. That de facto mode of short-distance transport and exercise, or long distance round-the-sunny-island marathons. Of course, we would probably be familiar with our own bikes: the height of our seats, the smoothness or stiffness with which the gears and chain turn, the force we need to pedal and amount of brake force needed for turning a corner safely. One pictures a family outing out at Punggol Waterway on a fleet of – bicycles. The regular exercise an old man takes is his daily evening bike ride out on his old Wheeler mountain bike to catch the sunset along the waterway.

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All Hail Togoparts Chat Function!

It has been a while, but thank the Good Lord – a slew of updates for the Togoparts app on both iOS and Android stores is finally here. Amongst the changes rolled out are the overall improvements to the user interface, but today, we are focusing on what is probably the coolest introduction to the app so far: the ever-convenient chat function!

Of course, Togoparts can only facilitate and not guarantee a successful transaction, but with the latest app updates, we sure are doing a pretty good job at that.

With that in mind, we’re giving you a little tutorial on how the chat works, so you can have a little peek at how much easier interaction is with this nifty feature.

The first thing you’ll probably notice is the chat icon at the top right-hand corner of your screen, as circled above in orange. We’ll come back to that later, after you’ve selected the ad you’re interested in. In this case, we’re looking at a handy Tsinova Ts01 e-Bike.

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You have won!

Congratulations to our lucky member xmonstarx! Stay tuned for more exciting contests coming your way with bigger and better prizes to giveaway!

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The importance of reviewing bike shops

We’ve recently implemented the new bike shop review feature. If you didn’t know, you should get out from the well you’ve been hiding in. I know it’s crucial to get away from the haze, but seriously, it’s a cool new feature and if you can’t ride, then you might as well fulfil your bike addiction online. Where else to do that other than here on Togoparts?

Reviewing products, services, shops, businesses and the like has been around for ages. If you haven’t seen it anywhere else, good job and welcome to Togoparts, your one-stop place for all things bicycles and digital entertainment. For the faithful, it’s now something else in addition to the product review you are already familiar with and hopefully use a lot.

What’s the big deal then, if it’s not new? Well the same something can be said of the product reviews as well, but is more salient when it comes to businesses. What is this something exactly? It’s called social proofing. It’s also called word of mouth (well word of words really) and reputation. Reputation doesn’t exist except in an intangible area of consumer minds, so it is really just a matter of social image. This image, is created in part by people telling other people about their experiences and opinions about the business, and has become increasingly done online.

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New Directory, Bikeshop Review and Services

We’ve changed some stuff and added others to make the user experience on Togoparts even better!

Remember when you had to find a retailer or distributor for a particular brand? Wanted to know the address or contact number of a bike shop? You would have clicked on the ‘Bikeshops’ tab and looked for it there. Now we’ve upgraded that tab to ‘Directories’, and exactly as its name implies, its a full directory listing of bikeshops, services, massage/physiotherapy, gyms and more! Togoparts will now serve not only your cycling needs, but also your lifestyle and fitness needs too. Check out our new Directory now!


New filters are available for you to sort through the Directories. Select what you would like to see and bingo!

Review Bikeshop

You can now review your LBS (local bike shop) if you’ve had a good or (hopefully not) not so good experience with them. Share your experiences with your fellow cyclists and let’s make the cycling community a better place! Click on the “Review” button on the bikeshop’s page or on the bikeshops directory to post your review. The bikeshop will then be able to send an official reply to your review.

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Leather Crafting Workshop

these four guys can. After a good four hours of the leather crafting workshop held by Togoparts in association with Maketh Project and venue sponsor Wheeler’s Yard, these four newly minted leather craftsmen now know what it takes to create their own leather saddle pouch from scratch.

The workshop was held at the rustic and cosy Wheeler’s Yard, from 10 am to 2 pm on the 19th of August. Trainers Adlina and Netty from Maketh project were there to teach the participants how to create their very own leather saddle bag, out of raw materials and their own hands’ skills.

Look at how much fun these guys had! Great food, good company, beautiful setting and fantastic handicraft… What else could you ask for on a lovely Saturday afternoon?

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Togoparts iOS app v1.2.4 updates

The Togoparts iOS app version 1.2.4 is now live! Get it from the app store now!

Updates include:

– Minor bug fixes

– T credits now shown on the top right of the app when you’re posting an ad

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