Hello Fellow Bike Nuts,

This is Brian from Togoparts.com

Many of you would have seen our newly restyled site by now. If you’ve not, it’s time to crawl out from under that rock.


Get out from under that rock pal … 

We will be guiding you along in a next few posts to show you what’s new and what’s cool about our new site.

As this restyled site is fresh from the oven, there are bound to be a few bugs laying around. It would be great if you could drop us a line or two when you come across one along the way. We can be reached at [email protected]. We strive to squash all bugs in the next few days or so. Thanks!


Restyled …. ooohh … looks so good


Works on all devices

It works with all devices! Whether you are browsing through Togoparts on an Android Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android mobile phone, Laptop, your humongous wide screen LED monitor in your girlfriend’s bedroom or 65″ TV in your living room, you will be able to view our pages nicely without a hitch.

Check us out on all your mobile devices!


and even your 65″ TV too


No more M. Just WWW

m.togoparts.com is now history. You are now browsing through our website on your mobile devices through www.togoparts.com.


Facebook is our friend

Facebook is our friend. In fact, we had always been friends but we’re now closer than ever. Macam like Abang and Adek. You can now log in with Facebook and enjoy seamless sharing of our Articles, User Reviews, Marketplace Ad listings, Estore products, Bike Store details, and Blog posts on Facebook. Do share, don’t be shy lah!


Abang Adek with Facebook …. 

Kicking out some Old Pals (for a makeover)

We have decided to kick some of our old pals like friends, bulletins and member’s blog out of our home. Not because that we don’t love them anymore but because we wanted to treat them to a makeover. Charlie and Paul, our King of Tech and Coding Wizard are now working on sprucing them up so that they are able to live comfortably and confidently in our new home and mingle with ease with our oh so sophisticated members. Look out for them in the near future.



That is it for today. I need to get out of my seat and stretch a bit. Will tell you more about our new Marketplace & Chat features tomorrow.

Meanwhile, do check out our Facebook Page daily as there will be a total of 10 Togoparts mugs to be won over the next few days! Just answer our daily quizzes correctly and stand to be one of 2 lucky winners daily for a very exclusive Togoparts mug.


Brian Ong