Author: Nick EE

Fulcrum Racing Zero

Wheelsets, some says that they make the most difference in your ride. Do they? This is where we find out about the Fulcrum Racing Zero wheelset. Fulcrum Racing Zero is at the higher end spectrum aluminium road wheelset that Fulcrum they themselves have to offer.

Yes it may seem like a pretty hefty sum to pay for a aluminium wheelset. However it does have its merits in the weight department due to the fact that it is actually lighter than some of the carbon wheelset range fulcrum has to offer, coming in only at a weight of approximately 1520 grams. With weight, they too topped it off with an aerodynamic edge despite being a pretty shallow wheelset, it comes with straight pull aero spokes.

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CEMA Ceramic Bearing Bottom Bracket

For anyone who knows the purpose and advantages of using bearings, then they should also be aware that friction between two surfaces that is in contact with each other is the last thing that we would want, therefore contact surfaces employ the use of bearings to reduce the friction between the two moving surfaces, and bearings not only reduce friction, but also minimize wear and tear as well so that the surfaces can last longer.  bicycles mostly use cartridge type bearings which is basically a bearing assembly that can be entirely removed and replaced if necessary, so that the only contact surfaces that are constantly moving against each other is the ball bearing and it’s shell or body, and these can be cheaply and readily replaced instead.

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