Author: Dan Tan

Flexiseq Sports Gel Comes to Your Rescue For Joint Injuries

It is an unsaid fact that health deteriorates with age. Even the best athletes fall prey to muscle tear and joint wear, and these unwanted ailments slow their movements where agility is necessary to clinch the good fight. If you have old injuries, they can also lead to joint problems such as arthritis – this takes a good while to recover.

Cyclists especially are prone to muscle and joint damage as they cover long distances on their bikes. Intensive cycling marathons put excessive strain on their joints which can yield problems later on, such as infrequent pain to arthritic conditions in the worst cases.

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#Togo1117 Achievements: A Major Weight Overhaul

#Togo1117 drew to an end on the 5th Nov. Yet it was not the end but a new beginning for several participants. Some had achieved the 1117km they set out to do; others had gone beyond to achieve Elite Finisher by completing 2517km. Whatever the achievement, each has had his or her fair share of experience, significant moment and memories of the Challenge. This feeling of contentment was certainly not lost on two of our participants, one of whom had achieved 3rd placing as an Elite Finisher.

Their most major attainment is losing a considerable amount of weight over the span of #Togo517, 817 and 1117. Let us hear their respective stories….

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#Togo1117 Grand Finishers’ Event: An End and a New Era

12th November 2017 heralded the day of #Togo1117’s Finishers Jersey Collection. In conjunction was the third and last day of the Togo Bike Fest 2017. True to that old adage of cyclists’ punctuality, the #Togo117 Finishers who’d been shopping earlier at the Fest formed up their queue before 2pm. A heated fervor filled the air as the Finishers eagerly awaited their Finishers Jerseys. What made this particular event significant was that it combined #Togo517, #Togo817 and #Togo1117 challengers to form the #TOGOX Grand Finishers Event. Held at Suntec City Crescent Level 2, it was hard to measure the turnout as the crowd was a mix of Fest goers and Finishers. Of the Finishers, some were #TogoHalf (meaning you had to complete 557km) participants and some were #Togo1117.

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Togo Bike Fest 2017: A Brand New Bike Show Debuts

Togo Bike Fest 2017 made its opening debut on the 10th November at Suntec City Crescent Level 2.  Held from 10th till 12 Nov, the Fest drew large numbers of bike enthusiasts and people not in the biking scene. The crowds were more than enough to rival that at the Singapore Bike Show this year; many were enthusiastic at seeing great deals and discounts on bike and bike items. Satisfaction level was high, and shoppers walked away with fantastic goodies and thoroughly enjoyed themselves getting filled up on information from the Expert Talks.

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Apex Pharma Sponsors PowerGel for Togo Bike Fest Goodie Bags

Come be the first 100 to attend the Togo Bike Fest 2017 between 10 and 12 November at Suntec City Crescent Level 2!!

Be the FIRST 100 VISITORS to queue up for our EARLY BIRD SALES @ 11am & receive a FREE goodie bag.

Here’s another of the items you can expect, sponsored by Apex Pharma Marketing Pte Ltd:

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