Author: Benjamin Tan

Product Review: Steve & Leif Magnetic Bicycle Trainer

There will always be a debate between stationary bicycle trainers and rollers, one of which being their respective effectiveness. Many claim stationary trainers aren’t so because they do not simulate actual road conditions where one has to maintain the bike’s balance; the trainer basically keeps the bike in a permanent state of stability.

This debate is probably for another article, but for those unfamiliar with bike trainers, they are indoor cycling simulators that you would hook up your own bike with. Trainers are especially useful for anyone seeking to clock additional mileage, but is unable to do so due to circumstances like time constraints or wet weather. With indoor trainers, you’re able to schedule a ride at any time, cycling as long as you need to.

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Product Review: Tsinova TS01 (LTA Approved e-Bike)

Perhaps to most, e-bikes are generally perceived as two-dimensional contraptions whose sole function is to provide electronic assistance to the struggling rider, or one who prefers a more effortless ride. A battery attached to the bike frame drives the motor attached to the rear wheel which in turn powers the pedal. It is a relatively basic concept with no two ways about it.

It would therefore seem slightly futuristic to comprehend a smart e-bike that has almost all its functions controllable from literally the tips of your fingers, a smartphone app, to be exact, where functions from lights to speed control can be managed by a swipe or a single touch.

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