Author: Melvin Goh

Product Review: Tioga Spyder Outland

Perhaps the most striking feature about the Tioga Spyder Outland saddle is its seemingly odd design; it is certainly more unconventional than the usual saddle, but positively not less comfortable. For one, no sensible saddle maker strives for discomfort, and, to have something released into the market suggests a breakthrough in design. Could that be the case for this particular saddle?

Understanding Tioga’s philosophy behind its design helps shed light on its rationale. Key to it is its belief that padding actually has a limited and inefficient impact on shock absorption. This is down to the understanding that most paddings become compressed when a load is applied. With that in mind, Tioga’s solution to this is to design a dual-material shell with a webbed structure, which has been proven to be more comfortable and forgiving on bumps. Upon testing, it felt similar to having a mini suspension right underneath.

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Product Review: Crono CR-1

For more than 40 years, Crono has been working for what it has been passionate about: providing the cycling world with top quality shoes. Crono keeps in line with the proud Italian tradition of impeccable craftsmanship, even down to the smallest details, a key feature in its product catalogue that caters to road bikers, mountain bikers, and even runners.

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SH+ – Helmet Brand

SH+ deserves a special mention simply because their helmets are not only quite affordable, but they are of extremely good quality and perform very well when on the road or trail too. The Shalbi, a road riding helmet is a quite the performer when it comes to fit.

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