#TOGOMY57: Ford’s Triumph, Malaysia’s Road Cycling Queen

Introducing Mariana Mohamad, or more commonly known as Mariana Ford. Mariana is undoubtedly one of the most well-known names when it comes to women’s road cycling.      At the age of 19, Mariana started her cycling journey. 23 years have since passed and the mother of two is still at the top of her game.   From being crowned the national cycling champion to the UCI Road World Championship in Geelong, Australia and #TOGOMY57 Virtual Cycling Challenge, Mariana has been staying active despite the circumstances.    “With the pandemic going on, everyone is looking for a good reason...

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Top 10 Facts about #TOGOMY57

Fact #1 – Togoparts first-ever virtual cycling challenge in Malaysia! #TOGOMY57 marks the first virtual cycling challenge by 646 cyclists signed up to cover a total of 57,000km as a show of unity and to celebrate the 57th year since the establishment of Malaysia. All of the participants cycled almost three times more than the initial target of 57,000km. Breaking the 150k mark with a total of 153,323km clocked during the challenge period. That’s a 113 times round trip to and fro Penang from Johor!   Fact #2 – Participants from all over the world signed up for...

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#TOGOSG55: Joshua Ngo, The Rock and Roll King

The ‘Rock and Roll King’, Joshua Ngo is a 66-year-old Singaporean native based in Shanghai. Life hasn’t been easy for Joshua. He fell victim to Polio at the age of 3, resulting in a shorter and weaker left leg. “Doing sports is not my cup of tea. I have only one good leg, the left leg only has 30% strength and the right leg 70%. This is how I gained my nickname ‘Rock & Roll King’ because right leg rocks while the left leg rolls!”     At the age of 40, Joshua was hospitalized due to high blood...

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#TOGOSG55: Further, Together with Singapore National Team

As the SEA Games Gold Medalist, Calvin Sim once said, “Cycling is a team sport.” Teamwork is so integral in cycling that one man’s victory is never his own.   Same goes for the #TOGOSG55 challenge. We were able to break new grounds because we were in it together.      Darren Lim, a  participant of the challenge and proud member of Singapore’s National Cycling Team said that “Long rides are very easy in the first few kilometres, maybe up till about 100km.” “The longer the ride, the harder it feels.” Every part of his body would start to hurt...

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#TOGOSG55 Lucky Winners

Togoparts is proud to announce the #TOGOSG55 Lucky Draw winners, Finisher Video winners and Celebration Video winners.    Warmest congratulations to all the devoted riders who truly deserved the prizes from our generous sponsors, Rudy Project and Willow Bike Art Cafe! We truly appreciate your participation and efforts in the #TOGOSG55 challenge.     Congratulations to all the lucky winners!       Didn’t win this time? No worries! Join the next challenge and stand a chance to win more exciting prizes....

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