DT Swiss RWS MTB 2008

DT Swiss  RWS MTB  2008

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Brand: DT Swiss
Category: Skewers

Description: From DT Swiss Site: | Unlike the 80 year old eccentric principle used on standard quick releases, the RWS builds up clamping force by tightening a bolt ?connection with a lever. The lever can then be raised and rotated into any desired position. The handling of the RWS is very simple: ?Tighten up the system by turning the lever clockwise by hand as firm as possible (min. 15 Nm hand force). Depending on the frame or fork ?construction, this can be made by turning the lever several times. Then put the lever in the optimal position and the wheel is mounted firm and safe. | | The RWS is 100 % disc brake compatible because there are no plastic or synthetic material parts in the force flow, which means the clamping force of the RWS is not influenced by heat. The clamping force of the RWS is up to 50 % higher than what can be achieved with a common quick release. This is not just safer, but also makes your wheel connection to the frame or fork firmer and therefore stiffer. This becomes particularly apparent with disc brakes. | | ?Safe and easy handling | ?Up to 50 % more clamping force than common quick release systems | ?100 % disc brake compatible | ?No plastic or synthetic material parts in the force flow | ?Clamping force not influenced by heat | ?Multi-position lever | ?Axles available: High-strength steel, titanium or aluminium | ?Lever: Made of carbon fiber reinforced material | ?100% Swiss made

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" Thinking of getting new skewers? This is all you need! "

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Reviewed on: 4th Aug 2008 from Singapore Singapore

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Thank you DT Swiss! Muuuuaks!

Strong, Light, Stylo and well designed, as its really quite impossible for your Skewers to be released in the trails or when riding! A definate + point!

Price and releasing the RWS in a hurry is almost impossible, you'll just have to remember where to turn but again why should you have to hurry to release the RWS? My only dislike about the RWS is really the price...Kinda high!

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3 months

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